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  1. My Main That's me. An NX drugged lv. 27 mage. f3 I wish someone here was on Broa... Because I have like 40 friends but none are from here...
  2. I got back into it... kinda. I'm a level 17 (weak!) magician. I can kill slimes in a shot of magic. And I made one on Dementos, HAZELFantasy. Level 10 pirate. Oh. I go on the server Broa. My name's uratama1. Orange hair if you see me.
  3. I'll probably get it. It's out in America now. At least, I saw the commercial - never said "Coming Soon"
  4. Yes. My screen of my DS is all bent and I need a camera I won't get yelled at for using. Besides, April 5th is almost close to May 2nd, my b-day. AND, my friend has a really rich uncle. She might get one to. We'll be making the kids I play with jealous! =]
  5. Franklin is coming, I went to 3PM so I could get the series, I got all the series except the table and bureau. =D I got lots of double of the series, and got over 20,000 bells through selling. I have 34,000 bells. o.o Who's Frillard in your pic? I want to watch his show. -.-
  6. Nintendo DS Lite Wii Gameboy Advance SP
  7. Looks great, ridiculous price. I will not buy it unless it gets lowered.
  8. I pre-ordered CF! Yaaay! @ TamaMum - You should buy a Wii and CF, it's gonna be a great game this year.
  9. I have, and she's given me a whole bunch of call outs but none of them helped, she has gotten many letters and I've gotten responses. With gifts. EDIT: I did it! I finally got her pic! Wheeee!
  10. Coco Boy


    OMG. I can't wait for another week. I'm pre-ordering it hopefully today. I want to transfer my tanned character from my DS to the Wii, but I might not. I can't wait for more villagers, more buildings, more ROOM.
  11. I reset and while ago; and I got Queenie! OMG, she is my fave. I will never let her move. I'm trying to get her pic right now, which is kind of hard because she won't give me it. She says she gives her photo to people who she's friends with, and then said "Strange, huh?" and walked away.
  12. Poncho moved and dumb and ugly Pompom moved in. > And Rowan DID NOT MOVE. But Mitzi did. >
  13. I have.... Poncho -- Bear Hugh -- Pig Mallary -- Duck Pate -- Duck Camofrog -- Frog Hopper -- Penguin Rowan -- Tiger Mitzi -- Cat I HATE ROWAN. He's ugly. U-G-L-Y.
  14. Holy shiz. I though there were only 6 games.. but I'm wrong! I unlocked a lot! I'm playing Meta Knightmare.
  15. I might get it on Saturday or Sunday! =DD
  16. I hate how it shows you what sites you visit.
  17. I kinda faked coughing a week or two ago... but after I faked coughed I really coughed... But for until lunchtime I stayed at my grandma's house and got cookies in the morning! =D But then I lost my science textbook... -.-
  18. Coco Boy


    I played good at the Recorder two years ago... But know I stink at it. I can't play one note! But I am in chorus and I'm good at math and drawing.
  19. GAAAHHH. I need to wait for my Christmas Bonus my dad is gonna give me... Unless I save up $30 somehow.... -.-'
  20. OMG. I just bought it. It has a combined ability system! You can throw your ability too! Buy it from the Wii Shop!
  21. Ansestors: I'm a mixture. Something cool about your family: I think my ancestor tried to killed Hitler but failed and lost both arms. How many are there in your family now: 4 [mom, dad, brother, me] Where is your family now: NY in USA