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  1. Have a great birthday :)

  2. Sakujima - I think you're worrying for no reason. Bandai Japan isn't trying to ditch Tamagotchi. -In response to the "lack of releases" logic aside from re-releasing the Chibitama. *Points at the Tamagotchi m!x Sanrio Version releasing on April 15* Need I say more? -In response to TamaDepa closing. Other such things are also happening to Bandai's other franchises, believe it or not. Toei Super Hero World, which is a cafe and museum based on Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, also closed down recently. And who holds the toy rights to those franchises? Yup, Bandai. Basically, the closing of TamaDepa and Toei Super Hero World, along with the fact that the big animatronic Gundam statue (And hey, another franchise that Bandai owns the toy rights to) is being taken down this year... that's not Bandai trying to ditch anything. That's the general economic condition, and you can't blame Bandai for that. Now on the other hand, if we were talking about Bandai America... then yeah. Complaints at Bandai America's treatment of Tamagotchi (Or lack thereof since the Friends Dream Town Edition) at this point are absolutely warranted. Igel - Digimon's actually doing quite well over in Japan. Along with the Digital Monster Version 20th in June, they actually have not one, but TWO anime running at once for the very first time. Digimon Adventure Tri getting a theatrical episode once every few months or so (Episode 4 just started its run today), and Digimon Universe Appli Monsters as the weekly TV series. And the awesome thing is, even though Appli Monsters features Appmon rather than actual Digimon... the fans indeed love it.
  3. You've got questions, I've got answers. -If you use Mr Blinky's English 4U app, none of the available content will be removed, so I would highly suggest you go with that one instead of the official app. Last I checked, a couple of the characters and games on the official 4U app have been taken down - I believe Felynetchi / Airoutchi was one of them. -When you add DLC characters to the 4U, you will have to earn them, but it's not that difficult. The 4U itself will give you a hint as to how to get the DLC character in the form of showing one of the items they came with. You will have to use this item 3 times from the toddler of the matching gender of this character to obtain them, it's handled just like the Deco Pierces on the P's.
  4. First thing I wanted to point out is that when I heard the name Tamagotchi M!X, I guessed that it meant we were getting a genetics system, and I was right. Not only did I call it, but I'm so happy that we all have a positive response to it! Also, the pop-in menu reminds me of how the later Digimon v-pets (Pendulum Progress, Pendulum X, and Accels) handled the icons, where they each filled the screen and you scrolled through them with the A Button. Here, they did the same thing but they also kept the icon rows. Needless to say, I am stoked and plan on buying it on day one! But you're probably asking, "what version, WarOmni?" That's easy... Spacy M!X! Speplanetchi is my favorite of the new characters given the sci-fi references in both his own design and those of his parents - they all have the Spock / Vulcan ears as a Star Trek reference, and his mom and dad's spaceship hats make me think they were going for the Coneheads reference there. Also loving Nijifuwatchi, Jellytchi, and Shinobinyatchi in particular - if I get any of those four on my first run, I'm going to fall out of my chair.
  5. 5/28/2016 Been almost four months since I've updated the log, so let's get back to it. I've been putting some tremendous effort into a Digimon Unlimited run since this past Tuesday earliest, and today that effort paid off. I'm sure those who have played Digimon World DS and / or Digimon World 4 especially will recognize this guy. ClavisAngemon, the protector of the Zenith Gate. Using his special attack, The Key. Yes, his sword is very similar to a Keyblade a la Kingdom Hearts, but it makes sense - the "clavis" in his name is the latin word for "key." Now... he's motivated! Facing off with Alphamon Ouryuken. Digimon fans who know the franchise in and out will understand the reference being made here. Right now, the PrinceMamemon I raised in DU back in 2014 currently holds the age record for my longest lasting Digimon at over 35 days. I intend on having ClavisAngemon be the one who breaks this record.
  6. Agreed, and also why I pointed out the reasons why Bandai America legit cannot do anything super huge for the Power Rangers 25th in 2018. Even Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, the Japanese series that Ninja Steel will be based on, is not considered an anniversary season for the Super Sentai franchise. The only way they can do something for the PR 25th is if Saban does another hybrid season, and given how badly that blew up in their face last time, there's no way they'll even THINK of REMOTELY trying it again. It was that bad. So yeah, we're in the clear as far as the Tamagotchi 20th goes, and who knows, we'll likely get something for the Digimon 20th in 2017 as well. We're definitely getting something before the year ends unless the retailers don't wise up, and as I said, that wouldn't be BoA's fault.
  7. Unlike when the Power Rangers 20th happened, the Power Rangers 25th won't get in the way of whatever Tamagotchi plans Bandai America may have this time. There won't be an anniversary season this time, because it will be the "Super" season for Ninja Steel which starts next year. They won't be able to start an anniversary half-way through, not after they tried to do a hybrid season with Megaforce / Super Megaforce only for it to blow up in their face. Even the Power Rangers fans hated said series, and that tells the whole story. Short version - If Bandai America has plans for the Tamagotchi 20th, then we're in the clear and those plans will come to light as long as the retailers stop being stubborn about it. Therefore, I'm not worried right now.
  8. So... how about the incoming new Digimon series which Bandai Japan is giving its full reveal on June 9th? I'm excited for sure. Mysterious new Digimon is mysterious, for now. *Points to new avatar*

  9. I had one of these too! I don't remember much about it though as mine is packed up in the attic. If I've got some spare money after the Tamagotchi M!X and whatever Digivice is coming for Digimon Universe App Monsters, I may have to look for one of these again.
  10. *Takes a deep breath* You know, now that I've had the time to sit down and think about it, this confusing situation save for the bad PR stuff actually isn't Bandai America's fault. This is more because of the retailers. Think about it. They tried to give us a good version with the Tamagotchi Friends and its Dream Town Edition, and many of those who managed to get one or both have said some good things about it. But when the latter ends up available only at Hot Topic which severely limits its availability, that screams that the stores don't want anything to do with Tamagotchi no matter how hard Bandai America is trying to give us another one. That, and because Bandai America can't do ANYTHING for the Power Rangers 25th in 2018. Mostly because Nickelodeon's contract forcing every iteration of Power Rangers to last for two years / seasons and everything from the original MMPR already being remade into new releases. And here's the even bigger kicker. Unlike the PR 20th when they started a new series, the next series which begins in 2017 will still be going for the PR 25th, which means no anniversary season there this time. Bottom line, all anniversary based efforts by Bandai America right now seem to be aimed at the Tamagotchi 20th this year and the Digimon 20th next year, just as Bandai Japan's is (Among too many others to count this year). Heck, Bandai Japan is even doing the Digimon 20th stuff a year early as there's a new series being revealed on June 9th. Therefore, we're very likely getting something from one, the other, or even both given the completely inescapable situation they're in with Power Rangers not being able to get a huge anniversary blowout for its 25th and Bandai America not having any other toylines that warrant such a huge blowout. How we get this new Tamagotchi remains to be seen, but I am 85% sure that we will be getting one, whether in stores or via online order only.
  11. Well then, it looks like I'm DONE with Bandai America. They skipped the Tamagotchi 15th Anniversary because of the Power Rangers 20th, but this year they do NOT have another anniversary to use as a scapegoat. The fact that they're gimping out when there's no good reason for it tells me one thing... they just don't care about us any more. They gave us two versions of the Tamagotchi Friends last year, but skipping a major anniversary after they already skipped the previous one just means they put out some VERY big bait and we all fell for it, hook line and sinker. And with that... *Puts on sunglasses* Come on, Bandai Japan. Impress us.
  12. Happy Birthday WarOmnimon!!

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      Thanks! Sorry I wasn't around... been a VERY exciting past few weeks!

  13. Heya! Happy Birthday - hope it's a great day :)

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      Thanks! Sorry I wasn't around... been a VERY exciting past few weeks!

  14. Bandai Japan has been doing this very frequently, so they've got us covered. *Points to Felynetchi, Nekomasamunetchi, and the various collaboration characters released for the Tamagotchi 4U* If you're referring to Bandai America, that's where things get tough. They'd have to deal with red tape twice. Not only would they have to go through the Japanese branches of each company involved in such collaborations, but they'd also have to go through the American branches of the same companies, which can get hair raising. Especially as far as collaborations with anime go. I'll give a quick example... Media Blasters and Macross. That is THE reason why Bandai Namco has still been unable to localize any of the Super Robot Taisen games aside from the OG series. Nowadays, getting the other licenses for the other anime series represented in SRT would be no problem (Heck, we got J-Stars Victory VS which a few years ago would have been a NIGHTMARE to get over here, and we're even getting a Gundam game for the first time in a while soon). But MB is VERY stubborn and not only are they not releasing Macross dubs, but they are also NOT letting ANYONE go near the franchise and are holding it with an iron fist. And of course, every recent SRT game (Aside from the OG series) has Macross involvement in one form or another. TLDR Don't expect anime related collaborations in an American Tamagotchi. Video games and whatnot, however, are all fair game. In fact, it has happened before in recent years. *Points to Mametchi's inclusion in Mario Kart Arcade GP 2*
  15. I knew that Bandai America wasn't going to mess up twice! I'm guessing they'll likely release it closer to the end of the year, likely November because that's when the actual 20th anniversary happens to be. They certainly are getting their act back together after what happened before - glad to see it reconfirmed!