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  1. It is similar, yes. Thanks. However, as I said, the RNG never gives me what I need. If I need toiletries, I get snacks. If I need food, I get toiletries. I finally took the battery out and will just keep it for display.
  2. This is the hardest vpet I've ever owned. It's easy enough to figure out how it works, but the RNG in this game is the worst I've ever encountered. I've had two babies starve so far, and that number is going to increase before it decreases. I love, love, LOVE this shell; it's my favorite of all my 'vintage' vpets I own right now. But at this point, I am highly tempted to take the battery out and just use it as a display piece. The games are how you get items; however, this game does NOT want to give me food. More toilet paper? Lotion? Snacks? Sure. Food? NOPE. I don't know if one of the two games gives you more food than another or what. I'm stumped, I'm frustrated. I need help. If ANYONE can give me some insight on how to run this thing without tearing my hair out, I would appreciate it so, so much.
  3. I found a deal on Amazon and just couldn't pass it up. So, a purple Tamgotchi Spacey Mix is arriving at my house Friday. I've never spent so much on a Tama, and I probably never will again. I would have loved a Sanrio Tama, but they were all too rich for my blood. It's totally in Japanese. I'll have no idea what I'm doing. I'm going to be obsessed. I'M SO EXCITED AND I CAN BARELY HANDLE IT RIGHT NOW. Sorry for the caps; but I am seriously insanely excited. Again, no log, but I am definitely going to add a post with an unboxing as a reply to this.
  4. Hey all. Been a while. So, due to various things out of my control, I did have to drop Tamagotchis for a bit. However, i was browsing Amazon idly yesterday and saw the anniversary Tamagotchis on sale. I got a little bit nostalgic and ordered one (the translucent purple). Then, while at Walmart today, I saw they had an endcap with a bunch of them on sale (series 2). I ended up getting the purple one with a bunch of silver swirls. While playing with the small (and oh-so-adorable) MiniTama (I know that's not the real name, but I had to nickname it something), I wondered what happened to my other ones. Did a little digging, and soon found my Tamagotchi Friends and Tamagotchi Dream Town devices (made semi-famous from the log I did), and my Tamagotchi Connection 4.5. I was very happy to find that last one, because I thought I lost it after an impromptu cleaning session where I threw out a bunch of stuff without looking at it. As I am now, I am thinking about popping new batteries in them all and having a mass hatching session once my translucent purple MiniTama arrives, just for fun. I will NOT run another log (no time), and I will NOT keep them all running (because I do not want to drive myself crazy). So, aside from the MiniTamas, which ones should I keep running? Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, mods!
  5. Tamas have arrived at my local Hot Topic! Priced at $19.50. Didn't get one right away since I am going on vacay and need to save some cash, but will come back and try to snag a Pink Lace version.
  6. Sorry for the lack of updates, but not much significant has happened to our dear twins. The question, now, is due to the addition of 'Date Place' on their location list. So, serious poll: Should Noki and Luki get married? Or are they independent girls who don't need a man to make them happy?
  7. Very nice! Will definitely follow this log. Always nice to see OG Tamagotchis. Makes me wish I still had mine.
  8. Played the sewing game a few more times with Noki and behold! What could it mean? I found out later when they both evolved. Luki became Coffretchi. AGAIN. Sigh, darn EU Tama is cursed, I swear. Sick of Coffretchi already. As for Noki... Hanafuwatchi! She's super duper cute, Wasn't expecting her, to be honest. Either way, I was super pleased to get an evo I never had before. The sisters are never too far apart, and eventually went to sleep to prepare for the next great adventure. NOKI'S STATS FOR UPDATE 6: 2 YR / 19 LB / 2G HANAFUWATCHI / POINTS: 15770p HUNGRY: 2/5 / HAPPY: 4/5 LUKI'S STATS FOR UPDATE 5: 2 YR / 17 LB / 3G COFFRETCHI / POINTS: 11720p HUNGRY: 2/5 / HAPPY: 3/5
  9. Here we are again, with both our Petithanatchi twins, Noki and Luki. Alas, children do not stay children forever, and they both soon evolved into Neotchi! I started Noki on the path to a Seamstress with a couple of sewing classes, while I played games with Luki to try and edge her into the Active Tama column. (Wave 1 Friends is weird). Anyway, one other interesting thing happened today: Awww, yiss. Not a very good game, but yay for having all four games unlocked! The twins went to bed early to prepare for tomorrow's adventures. NOKI'S STATS FOR DAY UPDATE 5: 1 YR / 11 LB / 2G NEOTCHI / POINTS: 16670p HUNGRY: 4/5 / HAPPY: 5/5 LUKI'S STATS FOR UPDATE 5: 1 YR / 16 LB / 3G NEOTCHI / POINTS: 10620p HUNGRY: 5/5 / HAPPY: 5/5
  10. I kinda wish I had the racing game and not Drop Catch. Silly EU Wave 1 Tama...
  11. So, par usual after they go from babies to children, not much happened to our dear twins, and both went to bed rather early. Hm... How are my BFF points doing? Soclose... Tomorrow, I'll probably manage to unlock the game. Anyways, here are the girls' stats. NOKI'S STATS FOR DAY UPDATE 4: 0 YR / 11 LB / 2G PETITHANATCHI / POINTS: 12420p HUNGRY: 4/5 / HAPPY: 4/5 LUKI'S STATS FOR UPDATE 4: 0 YR / 15 LB / 3G PETITHANATCHI / POINTS: 7240p HUNGRY: 4/5 / HAPPY: 4/5 Tomorrow is another day, and I'll see ya'll there.
  12. Aww, they look like they have lots of fun together. So nice to see two friends getting along!
  13. Sorry for the lack of updates, but other than visits between Peko and Marco, not much happened - save for them kissing. This morning, on Marco's visit to Peko, the pair went out Then got hitched. Then had kids. Twin girls! I will name them Noki and Luki. (Bonus points: name the canon.) Well, what happened next caught me off guard and like an idiot, I missed pictures, but here's the story: Marco left Luki. I knew that happened, so I rolled with it, fed Luki and gave her treats, and then my other Tama alerted me. Looking, I saw Noki asleep, Peko watching over her. Suddenly, Peko got a sad look on her face. The door opened. Peko left while Noki was sleeping. Noki woke up moments later, crying for her mother. That went dark quick. These are toys made for kids? Wrong Tama, but you get the idea. To cheer them both up, I arranged a couple of play dates. They went to the circus, then the cafe to have some Churros before heading back and evolving into Petithanatchi. Let's look at the final stats for mom and dad, those deadbeats. PEKO'S FINAL STATS: 4 YR / 25 LB/ 1G PATITCHI / POINTS: 9420p HUNGRY: 5/5 / HAPPY: 5/5 MARCO'S FINAL STATS: 5 YR / 56 LB/ 2G KNIGHTTCHI / POINTS: 4190p HUNGRY: 5/5 / HAPPY: 4/5 Now that both girls are Petithanatchi, things may slow up, but I'll post what I can.
  14. No luck yet. Curseeees. Asked the store clerk but she was clueless and just kind of looked at me like a cow looks at an oncoming train. Sigh.
  15. Your signature is funny; I have Knighttchi and Patitchi in my Tamas right now, and they are now romantically involved. Small world.
  16. I have to go out for errands; I'll try to stop at Hot Topic and see if they have the Tamas in yet, but don't hold your breath.
  17. Another day brings more visits between Marco and Peko. They sure get along well! Cafe visits and a trip to the Circus were on the plate. After Marco went back, he went to park. He bumped into another Tama (not sure who since I failed to get the picture in time) and they played on the See-saw. It was very cute. I wanted to expand Peko's horizons, so I sent her to school. Shortly after that, the following happened: What could it mean? Well, it's a Chef hat, so, it'll be culinary related, so.... Patitchi get! She's adorable as all get out, isn't she? After a small crisis with the batteries in my Dream Town Tama, Marco and Peko went to sleep. PEKO'S STATS FOR DAY 3: 2 YR / 13 LB/ 1G PATITCHI / POINTS: 3420p HUNGRY: 4/5 / HAPPY: 5/5 MARCO'S STATS FOR DAY 3: 3 YR / 52 LB/ 2G KNIGHTTCHI / POINTS: 1740p HUNGRY: 4/5 / HAPPY: 5/5
  18. I like my faceplate, but there IS a speck of dirt under the plastic I'd like to get rid of. Hmm.
  19. Yay for evolving! And yeah, once you hit Teen/Adulthood things get kind of quiet. At least you can take them to play lots of games though.
  20. Today brought more visits between Peko and Marco. Though I didn't manage to get pictures of it, they went to the circus, had cake at Peko's place a couple of times, then went to the Music Cafe to have tea. The last visit, Peko had Marco over for burgers. Yum~ :9 Well well, look what I managed to do. Guess what that means? Awwww yiss. Cake Catch is OK, but honestly, I like the balloon game better, not to mention a lot of the games at the Dream School. Oh, did I forgot to mention Peko evolved into a Neotchi? Yep, on the road to Piantchi! ... Hopefully. Also, I made a boo-boo. Remember when I said Marco was a child? Nope. I meant Teen. I am a moron. But despite that, Marco became a Knighttchi today. *toots horn* With Peko asleep, I can't do much more, but I'll look after Marco till he dozes off too. PEKO'S STATS FOR DAY 2: 1 YR / 10 LB/ 1G NEOTCHI / POINTS: 4180p HUNGRY: 4/5 / HAPPY: 5/5 MARCO'S STATS FOR DAY 2: 2 YR / 42 LB/ 2G KNIGHTTCHI / POINTS: 4240p HUNGRY: 5/5 / HAPPY: 5/5
  21. Shortly after I posted, something happened! They are now children! Terupotchi and Cosmotchi to be exact. Those names are difficult though. Let's name the girl Peko and the boy Marco. Shortly after this, Peko went to Marco's place and he took her to the beach. It was a rather peaceful scene. After a little while, Marco returned the favor and came over to Peko's neck of the woods. I... think they had cake. Since they are both kids, the night ended early, and they both went to sleep. Goodnight you two. STATS FOR THE END OF DAY ONE: Whoops. Bad Pari, forgetting to do that before Peko went to sleep! And that's all for tonight. Thanks for reading!
  22. Well well, look what arrived today! Just the box, not the other stuff, obviously. Also, me when I saw it in my mailbox. Ohboyohboyohboy~ It was super well-packaged! That bubble wrap will be destroyed later. Pull it open, and...! OMG it's so pretty! Seriously, I was not prepared for how pretty this Tama is. Anyway, let's put some batteries in this egg and get it setup! Easy peasy enough. Apologies for the picture fail here; my birthday is 1/19. (Feel free to send presents. :3) Natch. Let's pick an egg! What will it be...? Two minutes later... It's a GIRL! In case it wasn't clear, this was EXACTLY what I wanted since my Gen 2 Tama on my first TamaFriends is a boy. So! We have Pinkbotchi and Mitsumarutchi! Part 2 of the update will come tonight! This is my first TamaLog ever, so be gentle with me.
  23. There are 17 in JUST my state, so... I would say there's quite a few in the US.
  24. Yay, another log! I am all about this. Something to tide me over till mine shows up.