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  1. I love my best friends... Like best friend love. xP I do have a boyfriend, and I do get along well with most of his friends. (Actually, all of his friends, with the exception of one. Who is going out with my best friend. And seems uncomfortable, if not guilty, talking to me. xD)
  2. Of course. I listen to a lot of music, and play some piano. I think it calms me down, because I usually feel less stressed out after listening to playing for a while. It's weird.. But I don't think I would really be the way I am without the kind of music I listen to...
  3. Shane told me he wouldn't be at school tomorrow, so he wouldn't be able to read me another picture book. I told him he had gotten my hopes up for nothing and that I guess I'd just have to suffer until... After spring break. He laughed at me.. xD We had to play musical chairs with our spare time in choir today... It was so hilarious. Everybody was practically shoving people off chairs. Then, somebody did their victory dance when they got out. I ended up right next to Nick, and everybody was telling him to sit down first so I'd sit in his lap. But he let me win anyway. xD Also... In the gym after lunch, P was pushing Nick toward me, and Nicole was pushing me toward Nick at the same time. We both starting practically throwing a fit and screaming "NO NO NO!!!". It was a joke. Earlier in choir, before musical chairs, we had a sort of like self evaluation. She asked us what we thought about the entire choir together, on stage the night of our concert. Somebody wrote down in huge letters "WE SUCKED. But everyone else was okay, I guess..." on their paper. Then we had to turn it in to her. xD Matthew now knows my entire combination, so whenever he got to lockers before me, he would open my lock for me and just leave it there until I came.
  4. I listen to 105.3. It can be a mix of a little bit of everything... Some older songs, some pop, some country, some alternative... That's why I like it.
  5. Scarred, probably. I don't know... The show can be kind of gnarly with the really bad injuries, but I think it's awesome. I also like to watch American Idol whenever I catch it.
  6. I had study hall today, and Shane ended up sitting right behind behind me. I have more than 400 pages of my book left to read in about two weeks, and the entire time, he was poking me in the back and saying, "Oh my gosh, look at this, Janna, it's the Titanic. Oh my gosh, Janna, look! Look at this door!" He was showing me things in his book, about... Ancient and famous things in history. People were playing phone wars on our bus. Any time anybody said something into the three cell phones, it kept repeating. It was unusually funny. Right before we started capture the football, me and Joseph were talking. We started calling eachother losers, joking, because we were on different teams. So, right before we started the game, he put his flag belt (unlatched) around my neck from behind and laughed like a maniac. Then I threw it at him, called him a loser, and went to my side of the gym. xDDD Then we were doing the loser sign at eachother throughout the game. ^^
  7. Today I came back from 1st hour to see my lock, flipped. My locker neighbor apparently thought it would be funny. He already knew my combination (he cracked it..) and but it on backwards. So I had to get on my knees and do it backward, and was almost late for Spanish. xDDD Shane and Evan had apparently been talking about a rabbit that had gotten it's head cut off (I have no idea) and Evan said, "Oh my god, did it die?!" We all just stared for a moment. xD Shane was making fun of me during study hall... Then he took Maria's drawing of a girl, and made it so it supposedly looked like me, about to jump into water with sharks in it. I told him he was a lovely artist, and he said it was one of his natural talents. (In the drawing, 'my' mouth was crooked, and everything was wavy. xD)
  8. Surprisingly, I actually do like the Jonas Brothers. (I'm not a huge fan of Disney, and I listen to more... My Chemical Romance and Hawthorne Heights, usually.) I don't listen to them as much as I do other bands, but they're still good. Out of the three... I like Joe. No idea why - I just do. xD
  9. Green Day. I like both, but I've been a fan of Green Day much longer than Simple Plan. And... I was able to listen to a single Green Day song (Holiday) all the way back from my trip to OK. So yes, I'd say Green Day wins with me.
  10. Have you had a boyfriend before? Yes (in fact, have one right now. ^^) What do you want to be when you grow up? Photographer..? Where would you like to live? Oklahoma.. On the lake.. Your fav vacition spot? Oklahoma. On the lake. Who have you known your whole life? Only family. Whats the worst food you have ever eatin? Poptarts. Fav Game? To play - Handball. To watch - Football Do you like somebody? Yes. How many friends do you have? A few close friends, a lot others not so close. Do you have a pet? Six. Favorite time of day? Evening. Favorite season? Spring Do you swear? Yes, sometimes Do you want to get married? Someday, I would hope. xD Whats your Height? 4' 10" D= Right handed or Left? Right Pepsi or coke? Pepsi Have you been in love? Sort of. Whats your shoes size? I have absolutely no idea. Do you like to go shopping? Yes. What is your fav type of music? My Chemical Romance, Breaking Benjamin. Whats sport do you hate the most? Soccer... Whats your fav tv show? Scarred Do you have any siblingS? One sister. How many times have you moved? Only a few. Have You Ever... Said I love you and meant it? No Gone out in public in your pjs? Yes Kept a secret from everyone? Yes Cried during a movie? Nope Ever owned new kids on the block? ...Huh? xDD Planned your week based on the TV guide? Nope. Been on stage? Yes Been to New York? Nope. Been to California? No Been to Florida? No Been to Hawaii? No Been to China? No Been to Europe? No Smoked a cigar? No Crashed a friend's car? No Stolen a car? No. Skipped school? Yes Shoplifted? No Been fired? No Been in a fist fight? Almost. Snuck out of your parent's house? Nope Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? Naturally Been arrested? No Gone on a blind date? Haha. Been to Canada? No Been to Mexico? No Been on a plane? No Purposely set a part of yourself on fire? Yes... Eaten Sushi? No Been snowboarding? No Taken painkillers? Yes, if Tylenol does count. Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? Yes Questioned your heart? Yes Been obsessed with post-it notes? Um... No... Squished barefoot through the mud? Fun =D Been lost? Yes Been to the opposite side of the country? No Swam in the ocean? No Felt like dying? At one point Cried yourself to sleep? Yes Played cops and robbers? Yes Recently colored with crayons/colored pencils/markers? No Paid for a meal with only coins? No Done something you told yourself you wouldn't do? Yes Made prank phone calls? Oh yes. Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? ^.^ Yes. Pepsi. Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes Danced in the rain? No Got caught sneaking out? No Saw a shooting star? No Had serious surgery? No Hugged a stranger? No Pushed all the buttons on an elevator? Yes Swore at your parents? No Kicked a guy in the nutts? No Been skydiving? No Gotten stitches? No Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour? Nooo. Bitten someone? No Been to Niagara Falls? Yes Gotten the chicken pox? Yes Drove a car? No Drove around town with windows down and amplifiers turned up? Convinced my mom to drive me to school like that. ^^ Worn a really ugly outfit to school just to see what others say? Yeah, once Played nikky-nikky-nine-door ? No Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Jumped in the lake. Been told you're hot by a complete stranger? Yes xD Broken a bone? Yes Been easily amused? Oh yes. Caught a fish then ate it? No Caught a butterfly? Yes Laughed so hard you cried? Of course Cheated on a test/helped someone cheat? No Had a Britney Spears CD? Yeah.. xD Forgotten someone's name? Yes French braided someone's hair? No Crashed into a friend's car? No Been to Japan? No Ridden in a taxi? No Been dumped? No Stole something from your job? No Celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans? No Been married? No Dated a red head? No Dated A Blond: No Dated a brunette? No Been to Africa? No Slept for 12 hours straight? No Lied about your name and had people believe you? Yes. They called me Anna for a week. Eaten nothing for more than 5 days? No. Slept at a boys house? No. Rode on motorbike? Yes Said you'll be home one time and got in at least 2 hours late? No Made a bonfire on the beach? No Crashed a party? No Gone roller skating? Yes Had a wish come true? No... Played on the computer for 1 hour? Yes. Jumped off a bridge? No Ate dog/cat food? Yes... Told a complete stranger you love them? No Kissed a mirror? No Sang in the shower? Yes. xD Had a dream that you married someone? Yes. Glued your hand to something? Yes xD Got your tongue stuck to a flag pole? Nearly... Kissed a fish? No Been a cheerleader? No. Sat on a roof top? No Screamed at the top of your lungs? Yes Done a one-handed cartwheel? No Talked on the phone for more than 6 hours? No Stayed up all night? Yes (fun) Picked and ate an apple? No. Climbed a tree? Yes Had a tree house? Nope. Been scared to watch scary movies alone? No Believed in ghosts? Yeah Have more then 30 pairs of shoes? No Ever licked a window? Yes. ^^
  11. Ahaha. Like I said earlier, practicing for our choir concert... Only now, at the choir concert. ^^ I got there a little bit late, just when we were in the band room, not on stage... So I went with Rachel to go put the right shirt on, and hit the door on the way out.. And in... She was laughing hysterically at me... While we were actually out on stage, we messed up our supposed-to-be-beautiful finaly of a Latin song. My choir teacher gave us all the death stare, that 'you did good. Just not good enough' look. After we got off stage, the older grade boys got on stage, and did a [cool] song about Little Red Riding Hood. While they were singing, a guy came out in a red felt dress with a blonde wig on, and walked and skipped across the stage, then did the hair flip. xDDD It was so hilarious. After our all-choir, all grade finaly, when we went backstage again, then to the girls bathroom. Everybody in the restroom broke out in song... Our version of Kyrie Kanon. It was the opera version. We were loud, too, so when we came out, anybody near the entrance kind of stared at us all. ^^" It was a lot of fun, aside from the actual singing part. xDDD
  12. Yeah. I still have another week of school before Spring Break. I think I still have enough idiotic moments at school to keep your topic alive. xDD
  13. My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, Breaking Benjamin, Hawthorne Heights, Green Day, Boys Like Girls, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and so many others. (On my Bebo, I have about 16 listed under my music favorites. Hah.)
  14. We were walking to the high school to practice for our choir concert today. Mrs. H got aggravated, made us get in a straight line before we left the building. Then we walked outside and everybody spread out in every which direction. We were even walking backwards. And later on, we found out that while we had to walk in the still-cold weather, she had a car. When she pulled up next to us, everybody was screaming that is was so unfair. xDD In PE, we had to play a really stupid game. It involved little scooters, lacrosse sticks, batting, bear crawling and crab walking. So interesting to watch. More fun to play. So Joseph was screaming at everybody that they could totally bear crawl faster than that. Then he gave us his own demonstration. (Funnier than it sounds, trust me) I walked up to my locker and started to do the combination. I guess I was tired, because I didn't notice that my lock had already been opened, because Matthew started laughing at me and told me that he had cracked it and opened it after I had left to go to math.