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  1. I definitely don't understand this whole new Tamatalk world thing..I just now realized that people have commented on my page! O.o

  2. my fam isn't even up yet RRG i wanna open presents
  3. Fergie calls and disses you (lol jk) i eat the song hero by boys like girls
  4. its sad...only 16 this will ruin her career and also her collage life.
  5. move along in my pants (wow) It ends tonight in my pants (WRONG) heels over head in my pants (ok?) Sk8r boi in my pants ((ooo wow) Hero in my pants (strange!!) more l8tr
  6. i love cats!!! I have like 4 Dogs just are open like a book, but for cats you work for their affection!! ): and they rrr sooooo cute
  7. don't like her and that song hero-boys like girls
  8. they could be :0 Do you like grape jelly?