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  1. Avatar: I love twilight (gonna see the movie this weekend ) Username: I made it randomly at 8 in the morning (very sleepy, but couldn't sleep) when I still liked tamagotchis, and the charm on my V4 was kupatchachi. The lover part meant I was a lover of tamagotchis. Siggy: 2/3 of my siggy is twilight, cause like my avatar I love twilight. The other 1/3 (People who love Pink are Pretty) is a random thing I made because I am a girly girl and I love pink.
  2. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2111/216177..._372191cbfb.jpg Its a guinea pig wearing a dinosaur costume.
  3. I draw these eggs my style: And waist time finding videos on YouTube like that one. xD
  4. That was way too far. Small pranks like fake vomit are okay, but that is just sick!!!!
  5. My Guinea Pig Muffin eats her own poop Well its a natural thing they do, and they soon grow out of it. Sometimes when shes sitting on me (which she is right now!) she scratches her ear with her foot (like a dog) sometimes she does it so hard she falls over. xD
  6. She won't let me have one. What can I do to convince her?! All my friends go there. And all the sites I go on are boring (besides TT and Youtube) My friends from my old school don't go on aim anymore. And I want to keep in touch w/ them through facebook. Help?!?!
  7. It sounds cool, but looks like crap. xP I will try it!!!!
  8. I wittinessed 2 car accidents: 1. I was up in my room trying to fall asleep at like 1 in the morning on Friday night in October (this year) and then outside I hear a scary noise outside, like a screech and then shattering glass. I freaked out and went to my parent's room. I found out the next morning it turns out a car went out of contorl and crashed into the window of the art store around the corner of my house. I saw the wreckage, it was not pretty. 2. This one happened today My dad was driving me to school, and then I hear a small crash. I look out the window and I see a guy pull over on the road, the front of his car all torn up. I asked my dad what the guy hit, and he said the red car behind us.