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  1. I got that exact reply too when I contacted BanDai about their products. Seems like they use pre-written responses to their customers. I don't think that the World Tour edition will be sold in Spring this year because the email said that the current colors will be sold into 2010. That doesn't mean we shouldn't be vigilant though!
  2. The instructions MnMztama495 gave have them all.
  3. V5's can't have oldies like V1-V4.5.
  4. Here's a good guide to help you: Karma
  5. I'd rather use D-Best's guide. 9900 in 2 minutes. Easy as CAKE.
  6. B. I've seen the picture from magazines. Who is REALLY popular and has had maybe 8 topics of her on TT? A. Miley C. B. Vanessa H. C. Me!