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  1. How do you care for your tamagotchis? Do you have a specific way you store them to keep them safe? How do you clean their screens? Do you use pouches or screen protectors? I keep most of my tamas in a clear container so they can be safe when I'm not playing with them. Recently I found a misplaced M!x thats screen is really dusty and kind of gross so I'll probably get some glasses cleaner and do my best to wipe it off, hopefully that works!
  2. ksh12july34

    Christmas Hatch

    I'll join in! Edit: I'll be doing my blue V2 instead because I haven't run it in a long time
  3. ksh12july34

    Do you play with your tamas in public?

    I've never been afraid to play with them in public. I wear the vintages as necklaces sometimes, clip them to my purse. I always play with them in public if I'm running one. Granted sometimes i forget its there and get a few care mistakes lol
  4. Ok so sometime last year I won a pink and white music star that I found completely gorgeous. At the time we also had a 6 month old puppy. Puppy found the tama and chewed it to pieces in a matter of minutes. I'm still a bit heartbroken over it.
  5. ksh12july34

    Why Is My Tamagotchi... Singing?

    The connection series has all kinds of random sprites and activities that happen throughut the day justto keep the device cute and interesting Edit to ask.... maybe its yawning?
  6. ksh12july34

    KSH's New and Improved Tama Log

    And there it is photobucket has taken away my photos. I'm sure they're gone from my old log too. I'm sorry guys. Anyways over the weekend I wandered into a thrift shop and found a large bag of keychains. I spotted a pocket puppy in the bag and bought the bag. When I opened it I discovered there was a wave design V4 inside (I'd been looking for that design for months) I flipped out!! Then the next day I went to basically a giant yard sale and found a bunch of original brand new tamagotchis! I picked up a purple P1. Right now I'm running the V4, P1, a V4.5, and the 15th anniversary.
  7. ksh12july34

    Mod Break

  8. ksh12july34

    Mod Break

  9. ksh12july34

    KSH's New and Improved Tama Log

    Sorry about being gone everyone. I'm very fickle with the tamagotchi's I run for some reason but I'll do my best to be more active. Lately I've been running a entama, a familitchi and a 15th anniversary IDL. Since I work so much running 2 or more tamas is usually pretty difficult for me but all 3 tamas are so low maintenance I'm doing ok it seems. Sorry about the lack of pictures today! Familitchi- Today I have 80% bonded triplets of Ichigotchi (the eldest), Chamametchi, and bakutchi. They're parents were a Makiko and Uhyotchi. I'm hoping to get a pure family for this next generation and then I may put it away for my custom Ketai instead. Entama- On my entama I used the dating card #3 to get the secret Hatena family I've never had before. I'm really excited about this family since I've never had it before. Right now my character is a Shiripuritchi and he resembles a fat little bird. He has 50 points in style and I'm hoping to marry him off to someone in the Meme family. If he doesn't get a girl I may tab him up lol 15th Anniversary iDL- I'm on generation 7 and since the whole 4 years I've had this tama I've barely played with it my goal is to get most of the unlockable content unlocked. This morning I married my melodyotchi off and got a boy. I haven't decided who I'm going to try for this generation but maybe a perfect care character like Mametchi I'll update soon with more details and pictures I promise
  10. ksh12july34

    Help! 15

    PM me if you want the growth chart but that is a legit 15th Anniversary. So all the baby, toddler, and teen stage characters on the 15th Ann are changed. I have no idea why the Wiki doesn't reflect that but that is a girl baby character and shes supposed to look like the one from the V1 only in color. Edit: This page on the wiki may help http://www.tamagotchi.wikia.com/wiki/Marutchi They changed the toddler character from the V1 to the girl baby on the 15th Ann.
  11. ksh12july34

    Glitchiest Tamagotchi version?

    I've never had a music star that wasn't glitchy. My v5's and V4s are wonderful but the music star has whacky buttons, it sometimes won't play the games right, failed connections to other music stars, its just a mess.
  12. ksh12july34

    Easter Hatch Logs!

    Oh man sorry about the delay! Life got exceptionally busy and I had to pause my tamas but I'm still in this thing. Due to the incredible neediness of the Music Star I have taken the V5.5 out of the hatch. Hope evolved into a teen chamametchi and is absolutley adorable. Due to my bad parenting it took awhile for her to find her way into school but she eventually did and she got 2 band mates she is just smitten with! sorry about the delay I'll try to not let the lapse happen again
  13. ksh12july34

    12 years later

    My account is almost 10 years old... I've been collecting for 10 years now. Holy Cow. I was almost 13 when I joined (ugh I know internet laws, I should've waited) and was probabally a total turd muffin. I mostly hung out on TamaCraze101 though. I still come back here every few months and hang out. Its like coming home, as comforting as the tamatown theme song.
  14. ksh12july34

    Easter Hatch Logs!

    No new updates for the v5.5. music star- as for the music star Hope was a hyperactive toddler who went to preschool and played jumprope vigorously. She drove me up a wall practicing every 15 minutes but thats ok shes pretty cute.
  15. ksh12july34

    Easter Hatch Logs!

    Good afternoon everyone! So my puppy chewed up my new music star I was hoping to run with my old one so instead I'll be running a music star and a v5.5! Music Star-- I hatched these tamas at separate times as to not overwhelm myself with baby responsibilities and thus hatched the music star first. The music Star hatched a young baby girl named Hope and the king was kind enough to gift her 3000GP, a stuffed horse, and an electric guitar! Hope and I played several games so she has a chance of becoming a rising popstar when shes an adult. After the baby hour she evolved into... Tamatchi! Celebrity famligotchi-- This one I started a few hours after my music star. The V5.5 is sooo much more easier to care for the Music Star what a relief lol! Anyways I hatched 2 boys and a girl and named my family Easter for the easter hatch. We played a few games until evolution time and had a relaxed afternoon. They evolved into excitable hyper toddlers well thats all until tomorrow! EDIT- sorry about the photo sizes!!