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  1. Pancake.x (: EDIT: Gah! Wrong account.
  2. OMG!!!! I get these all the time!!! I hate them
  3. iilu

    The Sims 2

    Can we move this to "stuff we play" in (non)tamatalk?
  4. iilu


    Oh, if you do ask, i was eating popcorn! XP
  5. what kind of popcorn do you like?? I like butter
  6. MILK!!!!!! MILK. I hate white and dark
  7. HA!!!!!! ha to you frogs! you can not defeat me!!!! HA!!!!! yay I did it EDIT: I am soooo smarter that a 2nd grader!!!!
  8. I feel sick. I have a fever (100.1) and cold and cough really bad cough.
  9. well happy '09! today I will stay up 'till mindnight and wach TV the chanlle with the ball droping in NYC!!!! P.S my friends B-day is on new years day!!!! cool huh?
  10. no, It is two V's stuck together not U, see? VV W not UU W anyways look!!! abcdefgHIjklmNOpqrstuvwxyz you see no and hi???
  11. well,I do but sometimes I am sick and i fall asleep on the floor or something, I don't but I do every day!!!