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  1. Well the books that really bother me the most are Harry Potter books. I just think it's weird with all the magic and witch craft it has in it. No offense to harry potter lovers,but I think it is from the darkside and it is demonized with all the little creatures and things. I think it's one of those books that hypnotize you to think it's good but it is not. So yeah,thats what I think.
  2. Animal Type: a cub Animal Looks: brown Animation:blinks and smiles then sticks out tonge (tell me if thats too hard please) Text: tama~bear Background: the forest thank you very much!
  3. Wow thats great joepet! I love kuchipatchi and I loved reading about what he did! I especially loved the picutures,I loved the first one with the girls from Japan. -tb
  4. You can name her lilly or cupcake,I think those are adorable names! Don't you think so? I mean,it's your choice so you decide what name is best for your cute,adorable hammie! I just recommended these.
  5. wow,thats nice of you to say that! .
  6. okay i'm not trying to be bossy or anything,i was just checking
  7. um don'tcha think thats a bit rude? Well thats just my opinion,you can still be a bit more sensitive Don't take this the wrong way i'm just pointing this out . Anyways...heres my story: One summers night my friend Haley and I were outside just being goofy .All of a sudden this slow blinking blue and green light went by.It had no noise and was very low.We just ran inside and dived into my room and wrote in our journals Friday,May something and then began to write what we saw.We didn't want to tell our moms so we kept it a secret.Thats all I remember from there cause that was a year or two ago. People of tt just a reminder from me,you don't have to beleive me if you don't want to just don't be rude and make mean comments like"thats stupid balone!"or anything rude.I thank you bunches!
  8. Missouri!~ were getting lots of snow where i live!
  9. well my hair is dark brown but i'm geting bright blonde highlights this week!
  10. Well mine was a pink v3 with bows,it was very cute.I tried to name it Austin but I ended up naming him Aust,lol! .Sadly he died at age 1 because I didn't feed him .And thats all I remember because that was 2 years ago at least.
  11. I really like Dr. Pepper but it's not on the votes.It's okay though ^-^, although i also kinda like orange pop too.
  12. yeah, they finally have some more things to do.It was fun but it's funner now because of the new things to do.I'm excited too!
  13. I love peaches! they are very yummy!!
  14. they all gathered at the tama airport,thinking of how they can get back in time.Suddenly someone tapped ella on the shoulder...{dun dun duuun}
  15. they headed down rapidly in a straight path until they went through a dark tunnel and stoped. Stardust: hello is anyone here?
  16. Tama King: Mimitchi, i have planed a dangorous mission for you to accomplish. You will need to go through the icy tundra of antartic and try to excape the lions and tigers and of course crocs through Africa oh and you have to cross the nile river.And last but not least your destanation is Japan.You have to try to snatch back my stainless steal tamagotchi it's what keeps tamatown alive! The evil mAmetchi has it and is trying to use it to make a evil laser to destroy tamatown.You only have three days! Can you do this? Mimitchi: yes but why do I have to go through antartica and africa? Tama King: well if you try to travel anywhere else the Evil mametchis guards will hurt you, he has guards everywhere else except these spots cause he didin't have enough gaurds to gaurd the area to keep us from coming to find it. Mimitchi: I will do it your Majisty! Tama King: Be very very careful! Mimitchi: oh I definitly will!