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    I love to make smileys like this =^,^= and 0,o!!!My tradition is every time someone enters tamachat i ask them if they would like a fig,LOLZ!Its ok if u dont exept.U can call me STC,if u wish.in my spare time i play with my 10 tamas,drink cofee(NOT TO OFTEN IN THE MORNINGS WHEN I NEED A PICK ME UP)i like lotte's.And i like to play sims,also go on tamatalk a new addition to my time!

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  1. OKAY, i got figgy from my friend from the litter her cat had i was in second grade,now im in seventh and he DIED.i was walking to the bus stop and i saw this gray wet cat(it rained last night)laying in our driveway i looked saw the collar and it was MY FIGGY!I LOVED HIM SO MUCH AND NOW HES DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO I CANT STOP CRYING!!!!! He was only six years old!
  2. Miley Cyrus love her or hate her? i personaly hate her because shes getting stuck up..and she sucks at singing
  3. My great grandaddy was a police man.Well one day he whent into a hotel where a waitress was but she checked out and he saw a starved to death 2 month old baby.The room had curdled milk and poop every where and the baby was almost dead.He called the mother up and she said she didn't want it.(she was probably one of those drunk women who go off and do things w/ guys at bars)So my granddad took the baby home.And my great grandma had the baby and my great aunt who wanted children really bad said:whos baby it that?and she said mine,so great aunt said no hes mine,so she took the baby in and renamed him,and raised him.he grew to be 18 and died of a bone desiese. i think this is so sad!
  4. Jamie lynn spears is pregnant!She is only 16.And she moved in with her 19 year old boy friend which...explains why.... all i have to say is good luck with that...