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  1. I dunno, I don't get my timetable until I go back, which is September. =/
  2. Lisps are part of a Spanish dialect. I don't find them attractive though.
  3. Don't bump topics from ages ago. It doesn't really do anything. @tamaluvz25 - The link is invalid because this topic was made over 90 days ago. That's how long an eBay listing is up for.
  4. - I fell out of a tree when I was 5. - I broke my thumb 5 times - I said to my sister that she is a b**** when I was 6.
  5. I swear a lot. I don't like doing it, but it just happens really. ._.
  6. My Dog + Michael Jackson = I AM GONNA BE SICK!!!
  7. To be honest...I don't know how to explain it. Here is the Leekspin website: http://www.leekspin.com/ It's kinda like an endurance thing.
  8. That happens to me alot, but sometimes I doubt whether I really did dream it...
  9. It will be 4 Years on September 30th. Wow. + I joined with my first account, fridgos
  10. I'll get a blue one. If we go to Argos... >.>
  11. Same here. I never even thought about pronouncing it that way anyway. xP I say - Ree-Anna
  12. Well I was watching TV the other day (like you do...) and a Ready Brek advert came up. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=5ugB4-ZVH3Y LEEKSPIN!!!!
  13. Many people in England that like Pokémon will probably know that it isn't gonna come out here until 2010. xP I knew that most of you probably wouldn't of cared but I was exited.
  14. Ok, I'm back! Kinda. But I have Pokémon Platinum, hate me all you want but thats life. It is an awesome game but I can't understand the Japanese. I would like to type about it but of course there are gonna be people who don't wanna know. But here are some subtle changes that are just mint, so dont read on if you don't wannna know. - The bag (satchel) is Platinum - The Pokétch is Platinum and has two buttons, one for going forwards and one for going back through apps - Everywhere is covered in snow - When you explore for the first time, Professor Rowan comes to you! So, let this be the official Pokémon Platinum Thread. N.B. alt gr + e gets you é
  15. How to do this; 1. Open any spreadsheet program. 2. Fill in your timetable on the spreadsheet. 3. Press the Print Screen button on your key board. 4. Go to any picture editing program. 5. Paste, then crop, then save. 6. Open www.tinypic.com 7. Upload the picture of your timetable. VIOLA! My TimeTable.