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  1. My V5 said Hello! I knew it wasn't someone outside the house or inside because...


    1. It is a quiet nieberhood

    2. Nobody there has that voice



    That makes no sense at all.


    Your tamagotchi actually had a conversation with you? Hmm.... that's impossible. Tamas aren't programmed to talk.

  2. so you think i have the 5.5?! how COOL!!! i did have the Active family at first and then i left the poor thing at home while i went to work they became the Model Family. i mated to a mametchi and got a mousetchi! neaaaatoooo!!! so now it's up to me to dig up codes huh? i'm horrible at that sort of thing but i'll do what i can! but for now, i'm off to work! thanks for the help!! :furawatchi:

    Actually, after that quoted post above, I'm 100% sure you have the V5.5. There are no Active or Model Families on the regular Famitama.


    Congratulations! I wish I had a V5.5... >_>

  3. Zomg yesh! I luff the Olympics!! U.S.A all the way! Lol sorry.


    I love swimming (relays, not diving), volleyball, basketball, rowing, gymnastics... pretty much every event there is. ^^ It's on all the time at my house!

  4. You say it sucks being 11 animelover? Well it sucks being 10 XD

    It does NOT suck being young. When you grow up, you're gonna wish you're that age again. Enjoy your childhood, however short it may be. :gozarutchi:



    I'm so sorry, TG_D! That must really suck. :furawatchi:


    Well, do you have any relatives in America that can enter for you? Perhaps your relatives can enter the competition, then take you to meet the JBs.


    I'll sign the petition anyway!!

  5. If it looks different, why use the codes for the regular V5? :furawatchi:


    If you can still raise a family on it, and it says V5 on the package, chances are it's a V5.5, or in the American version, a Celebrity Tamagotchi. The V5.5 can raise athlete, royal, celebrity, and more families, but it's similar to the V5 in that you can raise a family.


    My advice? You could search the V5.5 and dig up some codes for it, or you can use some of the V5.5 reference topics here on TT. You just have to find 'em first.

  6. If you've already used the Dating Show three times, Ms. Busybody will fall asleep. Wait.. you didn't do it that day? Strange... it could be a glitch or something.


    If you've already maxed out on tries for the Dating Show, you can set the time to 6:59 am, wait a minute, and at 7 am your tamas will wake up. You will then be able to use the Dating Show for another three times. You can do that trick as much as you'd like. If you prefer not to cheat, then you'll just have to wait until the next day.


    Yes, sometimes it takes a while to find the designated partner for a character, so you'll just have to keep trying. Eventually you'll find him/her.

  7. If you want to get a baby via Matchmaker, you must wait 'till it's six years old, and then the Matchmaker will come. If you want a baby via connection, you must connect with the opposite gender until both tamas have four hearts under their friend status. When they are about six years old and they have four hearts each, you can then mate them. The Honey only makes the process of getting those hearts faster.

  8. Im confused. My tamas are inlove with eachother. (either that or they are just best friends) whenever they connect they have a little heart above their head. They are both opposite genders and are a mametchi and memetchi and 1s v3 the other is a v4. So that sounds bout right to be inlove with eachother as the character things are ment 2 be. But I think you get the secret tama if they breed- and I dont want that. I want whats best for my tamas but i want to get mimitchis or cute tamas on them-and i want them to look different. Im confused plz help me :)

    Yes, you are able to marry those two versions. In fact, versions 1-4.5 are compatible for connecting and ultimatley mating. Unless they have four hearts under their friend status, they are ready to mate. Just wait two days.


    No, you will not get a secret character when you marry those two tamas. However, if you marry both girl and boy oldies, you will get a secret oldie character. So, you can always wait until they're oldies to mate, and you will get a secret oldie character.


    Also, you can't be certain that you will get Mimitchis, because each character is different, and if you raise them differently, you will get different characters.


    Hope I helped!

  9. Families... for the V4? Sorry, but you can only raise Kuchipa and Mame Families on the V5.


    To get a Kuchipa Family you must raise a Kuchipatchi with easy-going training, and it must have 100% bonding. Then you marry your Kuchi to a Yonepatchi, and viola! you have a Kuchipa Family.


    To get a Mame Family, you must raise a Mametchi with smart training, and it must have 100% bonding. Then you marry it to a Chantotchi, and you've got a Mame Family!


    When you get a pure family, you will get two eggs, and when they evolve into their second stage, one of them will turn into an adult and the other stays a child.


    Hope I helped!


    P.S.- If you want a Kuchipatchi on the V4, your character needs to specialize in Kindness (flower) skill points, and to get a Mametchi on the V4, your character needs to specialize in Intellegence (pencil) skill points. I think both characters must have about 80 or 90 of those skill points for it to evolve into a Kuchipatchi/Mametchi.

  10. Oiz I know!! All the couples broke up and now they're "just friends". That's kind of dumb on their part. They only lasted... what, 15 days?... as parents and they already broke up! Can you imagine what would happen if they were married and had kids of their own?


    Can you say DIVORCE?


    Anyway, they had this little talkshow after the season ended. It was called "The Baby Borrowers: Lessons Learned". It was pretty kewl, 'cause the teens got to be reunited with the babies that they took care of! I'm pretty sure all of them were going to run off the set and cry just like those babies. Serves them right.