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  1. Hmm, that's odd. Have you kept in on pause overnight lately? If you keep it on pause overnight, the age will stay the same. Then again, it could always be a glitch. If that's the case, well, all I can tell you is to either reset and download, or change the battery. Sorry.
  2. Yes, that is normal. On the V5, you can get 1-3 babies, and it's all random. You can't do anything to get the number of babies you want. If you're wondering why you have a Smart Family with one egg, it's because it's not a Mame Family. The Smart Family is like a step-down from the Mame Family, and it can still get 1-3 eggs (like a Blended Family), unlike a Pure Family, which gives you two eggs. Hope I helped!
  3. Lawl!! A and B School starts all of a sudden, and I'm grounded for not cleaning my room. What do you do? a. Laugh at me b. Help me get up for school and clean my room c. Scream at .:Charm:. to get back
  4. Well, the most well-known Tamagotchi, I'd say, would have to be the Mametchi. Next in line are either Memetchi or Kuchipatchi. After those two is Violetchi.
  5. Yayz! We have the same song in our siggies! *i*/10
  6. Em... I don't think you'll have to close the topic, just set them off with a warning. porygonlord and Rachel Moonlight, please don't spam. This game is about giving choices in a certain situation, not spamming. Or else this topic really will end up being closed. Anyway, on-topic... I just ate breakfast. What do you do? a. Eat breakfast b. Throw up, you're so full from breakfast c. Play videogames
  7. If you're looking to get a pure family off of Hotteatchi, then you can't. You can only get a pure family off of Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, and Violetchi. If you want to mate it via Dating Show, then you can just pick any random partner for it. You'll then get a Blended Family. Hope I helped!
  8. Tama_ice is right. Wait 'till it's hungry and happy hearts, get about one heart, or occasionally if it beeps because it's hungry or unhappy. The reason I say to occasionally let it's hearts drop down to zero is because if you keep dropping its hearts like that, it will turn into a Petite Family instead of a Ninja family. Also, keep your tama family's bonding percentage low. Ingore it when it calls for training, and try to keep it at 0-10%. Hope I helped!
  9. Ok, so, what's wrong with your Tamagotchi? The "What Happened to my Tamagotchi?" forum is only used for Tamagotchi questions. Any tips and tricks you may have belong in the Tips and Tricks forum. Although that was very helpful, this might have to be moved
  10. webkinz60 can't think of a question! What do you do? a. Think of one for him/her b. Laugh c. Do nothing
  11. Zomg yes! I do that all the time. It's kinda scary, 'cause I'm pretty close to the person's age when I guess it. All based on their siggy. Meh. I just use song siggies, preferrably from Anberlin <3 I hate those siggies that are like, "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese cheeeeeese I lyk cheez!" and all those immature siggies. Just any random, pointless, annoying stuff really bugs me. And whaddayaknow, most of the people with those siggies, are, you guessed it, around the 8-year-old range. But what bugs me most are all the Jonas Brothers siggies! Absolutley. Hate. Them. *continues ranting about Jonas Brothers siggies*
  12. A I slip and fall. What do you do? a. Help me up b. Laugh and trip me again (like a good friend would do xD) c. Trip and fall yourself
  13. ^ HEY! > Is NOT stupid! V Thinks I'm stupid??
  14. And this has to do with Fun Stuff how...? If you're having problems with TamaCHAT or TamaTalk in general, you can PM a staff member about your problem. Anyway, I'll try to help you as best as I can. Perhaps you don't have the right version of Java installed on your computer? If you open up TamaCHAT and see a little rectangle that says something about installing Java, then that's most likely your problem.
  15. You don't have to buy the Vacation Ticket just to put it on pause, you know. The pause feature on the V5 is called the "Travel Show". Go to the TV icon and select the middle option. It will show a few slides, then it will say, "Go!" or "Cancel" ("Go!" should be on the top). Select "Go!" and your tama is now on pause mode! To bring your family back from travel, press the C button. It will ask if you want to come back. Select the top option, "Yes" and then it will ask, "Sure?" Select the top option again, "Yes." Hope I helped!
  16. Nope. Didn't feel nothin' at all. I didn't know she was even singing about the one of the Jonas Brothers. Yucky.
  17. Lawl! Kitteh is very surprised about neutering... lol! 7/10