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  1. Noooo! I would've kept the battery in there! I mean, think about it! 99,999 free Gotchi Points! You could buy all of Tama Town from that amount of points! Unless it was one of those glitches where it shows up remarkable but you can't really do anything with it...let's hope not.
  2. Yeah...I just noticed that too! It kind of looks like this: (My Tama's a Gozarutchi so I used it) Except the Kusatchi is in the shape of a Christmas tree. I was kind of curious at first...but I guess it IS a countdown to Christmas!
  3. CALLING ALL CLUB PENGUIN MEMBERS!!! Yo! I'm MnMztama495. I started this topic to get all the TamaTalkers who go to Club Penguin. Club Penguin is a virtual online world where you create a penguin and waddle around and play games, meet new friends, buy stuff for your penguin and your igloo, and much more! It's awesome. If you go to Club Penguin and you have your own BLOG about it, then you're more than welcome to post your blog here.
  4. Hey, Jimbobson! It's me MnMzee495 from your Wordpress account for Club Penguin. Yeah, I finally have an account! I added you to one of my blogs in my siggy. If it's not there, PM me and I'll check it. Thanks! L8r! Oh by the way the description was really helpful. thnx!
  5. POST #2 OF THE LIFE OF BD JR!!! Bd Jr is doin' awesome right now! He just applied for the scientist job yesterday...unfortunatley, they rejected him! But he has over 85 points...oh, I think I know what it is. I remember reading something a while back on TamaTalk (before I was a member) and it said that you have to have one hundred some-out intellegence points in order to become a scientist. Well, it looks like Bd Jr will have to keep working on it....In the meantime, here are his stats: NAME: Bd Jr AGE: 4 yrs SKILL: Intellegence-97 Style-3 Kindness-12 HEARTS: All Full Weight: 61 lbs. Gender: Boy Generation: 2 Tamagotchi: Gozarutchi Version: V4 Bd Jr wants to become a scientist in...the Life of BD JR!! Check back for more posts!
  6. ANOTHER UPDATE FROM: BD JR!!!! Well, right after BD JR woke up I took care of him; fed him, used the restroom, and played some games with him. Well, I had to leave to do some errands, and when I came back, I noticed a small little Christmas tree pop up and it was talking to my V4 Gozarutchi! It looked a little like that but it was in the shape of a Christmas tree. Weird. Does that happen to ALL the Tamagotchis when it's the first day of December?
  7. Hi, Starfire! Thank you soooooo much for showing me that. And thanks for complementing my log! It's my first one. Let me try the hearts: à33?333U Oops o well I guess I can't do 'em! Thanks anyway, Starfire. I'll have to remember that code...maybe one day I'll get it.
  8. I agree with Tamadude. His/her answer sounds very...logical! Lol
  9. Well, don't take that message the wrong way...I have plenty of friends, and I think I have too much (if there IS a limit on friends! ) but the fact of the matter is, I just can't bring my Tama to school. That's all.
  10. January 6th?!?!?!? You've got to be kidding! That's just around the corner! OMG NOW I'm extremely hyper for Jan. to come!!!!
  11. Wow...I can't wait for 2008 to come! I can't wait to see the new version of Tamagotchis! Geez, when will Bandai stop?!
  12. Hi, well, ummm, tell me a little more about your Tamagotchi! I'd love to meet him/her.
  13. UPDATE FROM: BD JR!!! Omg everyone this is an urgent message from BD JR, my current V4 Hawainotchi. Well, not anymore! It turns out BD JR the Hawainotchi has now turned into BD JR: The Gozarutchi!!! OMG BD JR looks great! I sure wish I can send y'all a picture...ah well, you probably already know what a Gozarutchi looks like, anyway! Here are his current stats: Name: BD JR Generation: 2 Age: 2 yr Weight: 54 lbs. Hearts: ALL FULL (if someone can please tell me how to use the heart symbol then that would be great!) Skill Points: INTELLEGENCE-49 STYLE- 3 KINDNESS-12 Username: Buddy Points: 19,310 Gender: Boy
  14. Hi pplz! This is my first log. goes nothing! Name: BD (stands for Buddy) JR Age: 1 yr Hearts: All full Weight: 36 lbs Skill pts: INTELLEGENCE-21 STYLE- 3 KINDNESS-12 USERNAME: BUDDY He is currently a Hawainotchi (male) and is very happy. He's currently going to Elementary School with Mr. Turtle (or whatever his name is). His father was Buddy I. He's got a little mess right now...I should fix that! He currently wants to pursue a career in science, so he's studying very hard to earn that A+ in school. He has no friends...sadly, because I don't get to hang around any frinds with Tamagotchis very often...and I can't bring mine to school. Well, there you have it. Not much is going on in the life of Buddy. Let's hope he gets that scientist job....] Stay tuned!
  15. Because you said so. Umm...let's see.... I know! Uhh....why does this plant wanna eat me??
  16. AAH! Sorry about that last post...I'm still trying to figure out the how the code thingee works.
  17. Omg wow thanks so much for letting me know! Another tip is... [SIZE=14][COLOR=gray]IF YOU DON'T NOTICE ALL THE STUFF ON THE OUTSIDE, PULL OUT THE TAB (If there IS a tab on a fake Tamagotchi!) AND SEE IF A TAMAGOTCHI POPS UP! IF NOT, THEN YOU PROBABLY WASTED ALL UR MONEY ON IT![/COLOR]
  18. Ziploc is a brand that makes baggies, trash bags, paper plates, utensils, etc.
  19. Yeah...have you seen the commercials?? They're the new version of Tamagotchis...leading up to the fabulous V5 coming out in...December I think. Funny...that's when my b-day is.