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    hi Im Mimitchi9. My favorite food is ramen nooldles. My age is 10 Years old. My favorite friend is Rocken Sisters. I have 16 Tamagotchis. i live in wisconsin. I go on youtube alot.
    My favorite thing to do at home is play on the computer. My favorite weather is tornados. i am in 4th grade. i go to school. i have a sister named Amanda. i like to make videos. i love to chat with Rocken Sisters on TamaCHAT. i like playing with Tamagotchis. these are the friends that i haves

    1. RockenSisters (RockenSistersx)
    2. Cool Tama Ryan (Ryangotchi)
    3. UraTogetchi
    4. Mothra
    5. TamaMum
    6. Admin
    7. Spiffy (magikspiffy)
    8. Binary
    9. Tamaw/Pants
    10. Lilangelbaby1989
    11. Maddy30318091

    More coming soon. if i forgot you PM me then i will put you in.

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  1. Did you read what i was saying?
  2. I ment to say, Happy 4th Birthday TamaTalk. We are very happy because it TamaTalks Birthday. TAMATALK ROCKS YOUR SOCKS OFF DUDE LOL!
  3. sometimes when you connect alot with your Tamagotchis, that can waistes batteries too. Sometimes when you reset your tamagotchi, it might start all over. (im not trying to get bad Karma)
  4. A tama mini is a Tamagotchi (but small) that you can play with. you can play games. and feed it. A Angelgotchi is kinda different then the mini tama. you can feed it different food. and play different games. and turn off the lights. and give it deeds.
  5. i never broke a bone. Because i am very careful at things
  6. An Angelgotchi is just like a mini tama. But Different
  7. sometimes they don't get a bond if you just keep doing it. And sometimes when you set the time and wait one minute, sometimes it will not do it.
  8. To find a V5, try ebay, ToysrUS, Amazon, Walmart, Target, KMart, Or walgreens. they will be $14.99.
  9. Tama - Palace said that the V5.5 is not going to be released in Australia
  10. If you are connecting alot, that might be he problem. Because if you are connecting alot, it makes the batteries die quicker.
  11. if england is in the uk then no because if you go to tamapalace it will say that the v5.5 is not coing to the england
  12. you can buy a entama and a uratama off ebay,amazon