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    Hi im kelli and im 14! I am on the swim team and like hanging out with my friends! I do however have a hard time making friends. So some who wanna be my friend should keep trying! I really don't no y im outgoing only around my close circle of friends, but i try everyday to break that habbit and show off my true self! <br><br>Personality:<br>Hyper<br>funny<br>entertaining<br>airheaded (not really ima A and B student)<br>original<br>down-to-earth<br>friendly<br>fussy/whiney (accidently)<br>sportsy (usually when i swim)<br>calm (usually when i swim 2)<br>dats all! =3

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  1. some of u r saying the baby stage is the worst rite? Well i think it's the adult stage. When will it EVER get its thingy so it can perform in conserts? And of how long u have 2 wait for it 2 get married, and besides, u only have 2 take care of the baby 4 an hour! DX
  2. pretty much, i dont h8t them it's just their style.....bleh
  3. O.O dude i cant beleive u guys never mention this 1: Hide and seek - by Imogen Heap
  4. if u choose other or have more to add to ur answer, then post what u'd do! First i'd panick! Then get it over with and c my friends while praying that i dont have mean ppl in my class! X_X so yea....
  5. ikr? Y can't they look kewl like Kuromametchi?
  6. ikr? But then agin i am a huge fan of him (not really his singing) so obiously i voted 4 him!
  7. Kuromametchi is kewl. i agree with the ninga boy on ep. 8: "he's such a loner" The other 2 tamagotchis are, their kinda girly. Espically Chamametchi!
  8. ikr!? happy Hardcore trance is soo awesome! DX
  9. I know some of u have been wanting tamagotchis like gozurutchi or maiditchi, so here's a tip: For bad charaters: stress needs to be in the range of 30 - 45 For really bad charaters: stress needs to be in the range of 45+ To get stress really quickly and to keep it like that, reset the time to 9:30pm and keep on waking it up by pushing the third button and selecting yes for ur tamagotchi to wake up. +20 will add to ur collection of stress. To keep it like this it's best if u keep it asleep, if it wakes up just simply reset the time to 9:30pm. Hope this helps...!
  10. (sorry i cant read what u posted up there that well.....)