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  1. tamagotchis are piece of plastic but not horrible. the JD fakes aren't basicaly the same thing. the JDtchis easy broke and freeze. they have a horrible loud beep. (oww!!) and characters are a strangely posed pixels.
  2. i untabbed jinsi plus day ago!!!! here's timeline: shirtsubutchi -> kuchitamatchi -> ? -> ? name: Mabel gender: Girl
  3. gender: male highest skill points: funny care:ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!! what character you got: tenpatchi what teen it was: kujakutchi THE CHART IS WRONG! IT'S THE SAME LIKE URATAMA ONE! v4,5s have got a miss-type growths
  4. i am planning to get a jinsei plus except the v4,5 (jinsei plus is a v4,5 in the europe.) here's how it looks like: don't work? click here!
  5. angel destroyed wery many days ago! also the v4,5 destroyed i am so frustated
  6. boxertchi loves sundae hanagatatchi hates omelets. hyottokotchi loves pasta
  7. oh sorry!!!!!! i've worked a lot on another forums. my tamas are now: v4,5 - CASEY the ura young furawatchi angel- cracked by my rude college (i don't want to talk about him) v4 - LOLLY the memetchi (maybe) > makiko
  8. i know, bandai don't want to update towns. but i know what means guruguru! it's lollipop in the japense language.
  9. BLUE is a sebiretchi, i am so tired today. i must work at TamaZone
  10. i forgotten something! BLUE turned 2 yesterday! this day will turn into sebiretchi! i can't wait my angel hatched! it 's now a obaketchi! here are stats: hungry 4 happy (effort) 4 training (deeds) 3 AP 5 my other tams have a massive amount of items and meals and snacks. i don't resetted them. my v4 blue clouds connexion is still a young dorotchi named BLUE hungry 4 happy 4 training....full!!! yay! skill points 31,108,52 2yr 59 lb name BLUE gender girl gen 1G point 710p user name FIFI my v4,5 GreenSwirl connection is a still ura furawatchi named YUMI hungry 4 happy 4 training full skilol points 54,39,99 2yr 99 lb! ugh! gender girl gen 10G point 99999p! a lot!
  11. i resetted my angel for group hatching at other tamagotchi forum.
  12. BLUE turned into young dorotchi! i hope getting a sebiretchi! it's my favourite v4 tam!
  13. i don't know why it destroyed. the screen was full in squiggly lines and beeps terribly. it stopped beeping now. i have now a new v4! it's connexion too but have another colour- blue with white clouds. it's a mohitamatchi named BLUE and soon will evolve. YUMI the ura young memetchi is a........YUMI the ura furawatchi!!! she's so cute! my angel is a maru-ten because kodo-ten evolved to second kuri-ten i resetted it. stats: v4 blue with white clouds Blue the mohitamatchi happy **** hungry **** training ||| skill points inteligence 25 fashion 49 kindness 22 0yr 24 lb gender girl gen 1G point 825p user name FIFI v4,5 green swirl Yumi the ura furawatchi happy **** hungry **** training ||||||||| (full!) skill points 53 funny 39 gorgeous 96 spiritual 2yr 99lb gender girl gen 10G point 99999p user name FIFI work: none still in school pink tamagotchi angel hungry **** happy **** training ||||