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  1. Wow! That is quite odd..yes it is probally a glitch, an intresting glitch though!
  2. They work for sure! I tryed them!
  3. They are not real, because bandai has only said they released V5 and are going to release v5.5, so there is no such a thing and it is fake!
  4. Ya, they never learn it. Oh well.
  5. So do I. It is fun to see what type of character it will become!
  6. ya it is true. Because for the V4 bandai said they were bringing it to Canada and the United states in january 7th, but it came a week after.
  7. Ya me too! It is fake because the V5 hasn't even been released so how could a V8 have came out.
  8. My tamas name changes when I connect them too much! I also had urayoungvioletchi and it went down to 0 pounds! Also, on any version when you pause it too much the age gets mest up and it can take weeks for it to grow 1 year!
  9. cOOL! i HAVE ONE RIGHT NOW! Name: Penny Age:3 Humor points: 35 Gorgues/star: 44 Passionate: 22 Weight: 75 pounds