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  1. I haven't been on here in forever, everything's so different o_o

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    2. Kuro rocks!

      Kuro rocks!

      lol I dont think so dude


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      Your username suits. :)

    4. Kuro rocks!

      Kuro rocks!

      Whos user name? Oh I get it Sweet as sugar

  2. I'm taking care of a Tama for my friend and he wants a Mametchi. According to the growth chart, I know I need high Intelligence points to get him, but is there a set minimum of the number of skill points do I need to keep him from turning into a Universal? And if so what are the requirements?
  3. I use Firefox, so much add-ons and customization~
  4. Yeah, exactly (: Maybe you'll have to wait a little longer, but it's worth it.
  5. I was trying to connect with my friend in class today, with the sound off. Right when they connected, mine reset, as if you had pressed the reset button. We've tried to do it more than once, and had almost gotten caught. It's a normal V5, about 2-3 years old...? Help please (:
  6. American, I guess. High pitched and loud xD I can't say my th phonetics right. Like when I say teeth it kinda sounds like tees. My friend said it sounds better now though
  7. Alethiea from Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2. NOOO THE SIGE
  8. I turned on my PS3 today to play FF13. I had gotten it yesterday, and I worked up to chapter 5. I turned it on again today, and the title screen only had the options "New Game" and "Settings". I was like, wtf? So I checked the save data, and there was no save file! I knew I had saved it, my friend was also over yesterday and I'm talking to her over Yahoo right now and she says she remembers me saving it. So what happened here, and is there any way to recover it? D: The thought of doing those chapters over again make me kind of flustered... EDIT: lolfail. Turns out I was somehow looking at the wrong user's save data and I spazzed out. A guide can close this now ._.;;
  9. I've been feeling really tired the past week and I've had a sore throat too, and I went to the doctor yesterday. I had to get a test for strep throat, which was negative, then I got some blood drawn for mononucleosis, which hasn't come back yet, but I think I probably have it...I just need to know what to do and what not to do, so...yeah. (I never know how to end topics I make... ._.)
  10. GIMP. It's like a free Photoshop (:
  11. I have (actually, used to) have two fish in a tank in the living room, and I can't find one. They were perfectly healthy and fine, and I looked at the back of the tank and found a little hole near where the filter was...so I guess I can see what happened there </3 My other fish seems really sad too, he was the smaller fish who depended on the bigger one, which was the one that went missing, and he's hiding under this rock thing we have as a decoration as of now, and looks lonely and scared ): Help me, I feel like crap...
  12. Yep, when I was about 7-8ish...There were these little drain things at my old neighborhood and me and my friends would always dig up stuff in there. So one day we opened one up, and we found this little frog stuck in a small hole. We couldn't just leave him there, so we pried him out with a stick. We named him Kiko (: Good times, good times~