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  1. Mine has a weird sound its scares me I hide it under ny clothes
  2. You guys love decotchi? Wow I love him too you know I kept him for years
  3. I'm so sad for my decotchi he past away good by decotchi I'll miss him
  4. I gots a v4.5 too you know its really old he's 18 right now he's not doing anything
  5. Well I got three tamagotchies right now and my v4.5 he's old and 18 years old he won't go away what will?
  6. So you took apart the tamagotchi? Was it hard to put them together rex?
  7. well i almost the debug i couldnt find the drbug thing
  8. its kind weird about that tamagotchi v6
  9. its wired tamagotchi where do you get it?
  10. well i know how to download the game!