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  1. Thanks *~tamacrazy~*!!! I found a lot of cool names!!!!!
  2. If you have any other choices plaease put them in a reply!!!!!!! cdrc.
  3. I think that they should lower the prices to $10 at least. Because they may put the first battery in but we have to pay for the rest of the batteries which is like $3-$4 a single battery. But as binary said it might be a good idea not to complain. They probably are higher in other countries. Oh well, it isn't my job to complain. cdrc.
  4. I left mine at school!!! Someone else named them and all that stuff. They probably returned to the home planet. (Or died however you look at it.) We haven't had school for the past 2 days because of snow. cdrc.
  5. I have 2. Itchigotchi and Violetchi. They're my favorite!!! cdrc.
  6. The first I can answer. A locked topic means you can view it but you can't reply in it. The second I really don't know. I've done a lot a posting here in Tamatalk. cdrc.
  7. Tamadude787, that sounds like something my mom would do. She'll hide it 'till my birthday or some holiday!!
  8. It's really cute!!! Mine I think goes along with me. I love Music or Band. Whatever you want to call it!!!!!!! cdrc
  9. I noticed that nobody has voted for the Jonas Brothers as of Feb. 23. They are sooooooooo U-G-L-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I voted for Hannah Montanna because her songs are better than the Miley ones. They may be both the same person but I just L-O-V-E Hannah's songs. Miley Cyrus's real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus. (Just in case some people don't know!) I heard from kids at my school. She changed it when she got older. I personly like Destiny Hope better than Miley.
  10. Name: Cloe Age: 55 Character:Matchmaker I let one of my friends borrow my 55 year old V4 and they let it return to the tamagotchi world. cdrc.
  11. I have 2 pet pouches. Ichigotchi and Violetchi. They are my favorite Tamas!!!!
  12. cdrc

    V3 buttons

    Thanks v4lover. I haven't tried it just yet 'cause I need 2 get an eraser from my locker at school but it sounds like it will work!! U 2 ~tama_princess~!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. My middle button on my V3 fell out. I was wondering if it is possible to buy any more in stores. (I'm not allowed to go on E-BAY. My mom doesn't trust it.) It is orange. Or can anyone mail me an orange button? I won't give out my address without a PM if you can send me one. Sorry.
  14. I soooooo totally agree. I use the Orange Burst only. Nothing else.
  15. cdrc


    I've looked for the V5 in Wal-Mart stores and anywhere else that sells tamas, but I can't find the V5!!!! When will it be released in the U.S.??????????? I've heard about it here on Tamatalk but I'm starting to get jealous of people who already have one or two or however many!!!!!!!!! PLZ REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!