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  1. Hey Mimitchi do you still go on

  2. No it WAS a mermaid, ive had it twice and also looked on sites, its not a glitch its the secrete charecter, not alot of people have gotten it seeing as ocean is the hardest tama, congrats though you put alot of worjk into it! and trust me its on sites ive found some but just cant find them now
  3. Do the new pokemon released in the new games count? if so im Gonobe! (Munchlax) pre-evolution of Snorlax! yes its a real pokemon coming next year! I have every version of pokemon except emerald which i am getting next week! Besides the regulars i have all the others, Pokemon Trading Card Video Game, Pokemon Puzzel League, Pokemon Mini, Pokemon mini games (all)! And i STILL like pokemon!
  4. Anyone remember me?... Well i see we finally got the tama smileys up! Well it all sounds good, allthough im unsure around the Mini's unless they lower the price.. Well anyway Admin if your reading this youve done a GREAT job, i will probaly return with a new growthchart or 2 and maybe even some more comics, around the release date of the new ones, someone wanna PM this to the admin P.S. whatever happend to the other mod (i forgot his name) he had to go to the hospital what happend? (he had more posts then me and was 1st) any idea admin?
  5. RIGHT!!!.RIGHT,RIGHT!!! (I need to speak for the fellow "right'ers",lol)
  6. Yeah, it's to distracting this way...
  7. I dislike it on the left side (please no offence admin) , i think it was better how it was, i mean even with it on the left side, there will still be occasinal people who still ask for growth charts and stuff, i am definetly voting for it to go back to how it was, *crosses fingers*
  8. Madrox, it's been fun, hope you still visit the boards...
  9. Well, it will definetly help, if you try and keep it around minium, right now my itchigotchis at 50lbs, because i have already gotten mametchi, and mimitchi twice by keeping it at low weight...
  10. No, she will come every day at 12:00, 3:00. and 7:00pm, untill you turn 12 years old, then you can't breed anymore...
  11. I just awnsered your question, didn't i, or is there another question you have,
  12. Yes, take really good care, make it have high discipline, keep it's weight low, and keep it's hearts filled, you may also want to check out, this page, for more detailed information,
  13. Yed, your cousin has Connection, and you have Connxion...
  14. Yes, this is going to be a regular hatch, for Plus/Connection/ or ConnX, but i just got a new Angel in the mail, if anyone would be interested PM me on the subject... As for Group Hatch number 3, since 2 is still going on, we need to push back the date a little, also we want to get lot's of members, so how about we make it one a weekday, at 7:00 pm, whatever your time is, this way members can get back from school/work, etc... So how about tuesday at 7:00pm?
  15. 8/27/04, 2:55 pm: Fox now has 1 above half dicsipline, is 28 lbs over weiight (48 lbs) and is 2 years old, turning 3 in a few hours...