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  1. I don't mind doing a 5K but my running group is thinking about joining a 10K and I really don't like them.
  2. MONOPOLY FTW!!! >.< I always get all the pink properties
  3. YAY! Ipod touch 4g coming out Can someone please tell me what month it will be coming out in Australia? THNX
  4. lol your very right but its just that, I dont want to waste my time learning a dance style if people think its ugly.
  5. @ tamamum I think all dances are fun! But the ones I want to do make me look silly, I dont want to looks silly I want to learn a dance that everyone think is so cool like people said tecktonik is cool but then some say its ugly so I need heaps of opinions >.<
  6. I want to know what the best dance style for girls are because I was learning tecktonik but people said it looks ugly so i want to learn a new one. So give me your opinions
  7. Who plays it?? It's awesome! If you have played this game please recommend me the good songs. Thnx My fave song so far is fly magpie
  8. i love roger junior and i hate alisa im hoping alot of people hate alisa to!
  9. i used to watch him all the time then he started going overboard with sex things and the show turned gay!
  10. anime and manga are sooo cool!!!!! most anime shows are better than real shows!
  11. whos seen deathnote 0_o is it the best anime ever or what!!! anyway if you havent seen it team light kills criminals for a better world but also kills some innocent people :| and team L (the best detective) is trying to stop him from killing more people??? which side are you on????
  12. i used to watch hamtaro as a child but now theres nothing on tv like that awesome show!! who else remebers cute little hamtaro.
  13. i heard there is a different ending and it goes like this- her sister that has no cancer gets run over by a car then her liver gets transplanted to her sister with cancer and then she becomes healthy and lives thats what people have told me happens in the book they said they didnt show it in the movie because it would be to much for people to handle or somthing like that.