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    I love tamagotchis !!<br><br>I love soccer, cheerleading...actually I love all sports even FOOTBALL !!!<br><br>I cheer for a team but i won't tell ya'll, cuz you probly never heard of it !!!<br><br>i am very entergetic and outgoing !!!<br><br>i am a lala loser and orch-a-dork and PROUD of it !!!<br><br>i also love to read.....<br>(ppl think i'm strange cuz i love to read)<br><br>:D

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    http://Tamagotchis are like our lives, so i take care of my life....
  1. Heyy ... wat do you mean hit a, b,b,b ... then violia... you still your skill points... b/c ... i don't c them ....
  2. THANK YOU !!! i've been trying to find a way to get gorgeous points !!! This helps A LOT !!! Thank you, Thank you !!! hehehehe ... :]
  3. Heyy ... So you know how to get skill points ?? Well i have no idea how to.. Can you tell me how ?
  4. Heyy .... So you know how to get Skill Points ? Well can you tell me how you get skill points cause i want a job but i don't know how to get skill points... thanks ... :]
  5. I was wondering if you could help me with something that involves finding a job for my tamagotchi. I have a v4.5 . I t says to get your first job offering you have to skill points.. .... Well how do you get skill points ? Please help me ... !!!! Thanks :]
  6. Heyy !!!! i was wondering when do tamagotchis change.... ??? I hope you can alll help me.... thanxs.... :]