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  1. guys my new account is mametchi43 so dont think im copying on him!!!!
  2. i know how to get ura memetchi i just wrote that as my title as a mistake im asking if my tama can come back to life???
  3. my tama died because im trying to get gozarutchi dont ask why!!!!!! is there a way to get him back???
  4. it changed to horoyotchi because you had to get the second skill point higher (fashion) but you filled the funny poinnts giving you horoyotchi!!!!! hope I helped
  5. READ MINE IT TELLS HOW TO WIN ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. the sushi chef guy? you must have raised your spirtual points instead of your funny points remember if your points arent really high in funny you will get a different funny character if your points are somthin like 57 40 13 you will get a bad funny character but if you get points like 170 57 32 you most likely will get ura mametchi
  7. ok i have learned something cool the teachers and games give out skill points but in certain groups!!! the flower teacher gives out PASSION POINTS second icon the turtle gives out FUNNY POINTS first icon mr canvas gives out SPIRTUAL POINTS third icon the climb and tug of war give out RANDOM points and apples gives out FUNNY POINTS shapes gives out PASSION POINTS and lastly man hole gives out SPIRITUAL POINTS comment please and also if you get a special character say hyottokotchi your child will have a lot of funny points hope i helped!!!
  8. (to do this cheat you must have a v4.5 v4 or v3) first you have to go on tamatown and log on then go to the food court and click on the burger person (memetchi ) click next then start! when kuchipatchi throws up the first ingredient click exit the music should soun doubled thats good click on the game to the right of the burger game (pizza game) make 4 pizzas or more if you can keep clicking on get gotchi points and do it until disired there you go hope I helped this works best on v4.5 and if you cant make 4 pizzas on your first try then it most likely wont work on your second try (the clock sppeds up ) please comment
  9. oh dats what happended to my tama a my job I thought it was a glitch i reset downloaded and everthing lol thanks though
  10. I want my starfish thing on my v4.5 to marry my v4 they are same age boy and girl but im not sure if a ura memetchi will mate a gozarutchi since everyone thinks that he is the worst and all but will they mate?
  11. ok first you have to have a baby boy second you have to get tamatchi or the starfish guy in order to do this do not feed your baby snacks (unless it needs them) after that keep playing games and not to much snacks it should change to crackertchi or ura young mametchi after that get mr turtle as your teacher (the first dude) and play the game apples you should get ura mametchi as your adult hope I helped
  12. this is great i have the starfish and I am now planning on changing it to ura memetchi! mametchi