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  1. peanuts sound good... oh yeah....username: chocokiwi
  2. hi!! my username is chocokiwi i will donate...something wait...can i donate? hope so! good luck to all...
  3. #1- Lollipop which is a cocker spaniel lilkinz #2- Peachsakura which is a golden retriever lilkinz
  4. I like Demi Lovato! she has an awesome voice and is a good actress. But I like the Jonas brothers BETTER! lolz and--Camp Rock is cool...but the plot is kinda obvious
  5. I, personally, think that they totally rock! I love to sing along, keep track of what they are doing, and obsess over them whenever I get the chance (which is not ALL the time). but I am very curious to see what fellow tamatalkers think of the jonas brothers
  6. here it is! barely brown but... fetch me a picture of a striped black and white kimono
  7. hey!! my username is chocokiwi on webkinz! pm me if you have any questions, I am an expert on webkinz! hope ya have fun!
  8. my webkinz username is chocokiwi you should give a bamboo bed or a cat television!
  9. hey! webkinz is awesome eh?! anyway... username: chocokiwi suggestion: you should give out a miniature orange tree (90 kc) juniper bonsai tree (185 kc) or an awesome: bamboo bed (650 kc) good idea!
  10. if your tama is at least 6 years old (and not more than 8) follow these instructions: *Be sure that it is before 3:00 P.M. *Press the B button{middle}and press A and C{left and right} at the same time once you are on the clock with the hearts and date *Change the time to 2:59 P.M.{you can reset time later to current time} *Wait one minute *Once the Matchmaker comes, press any button *Once she presents a partner ALWAYS SAY YES, regardless of appearance of matching tamagotchi *Once a heart appears above the tama and the match partner, once your tamagotchi gets back to the screen, there will be a baby with your sons tama *Set time to current time. NOTE that the Matchmaker only comes for one minute, so be fast! If it is early in the day, you may be able to make it come many times. Remember to say yes, especially if it is 9, because there will be no other chance. hope this helps!
  11. BCBC CABA = love potion/honey (you get it free the first time, but then you have to pay 2,000 gotchi points) hope this helps!