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  1. thanx i will try it when my tama is 7! :):)
  2. my tama wakes up and brushes his teeth!!!!! lol
  3. your welcome i have new account so dont think im copying any thing it is mametchi43
  4. great i was thinking of making one but i have no idea how lol
  5. this is soooo cool what i found out!!!! ok first you need to set the date to 12/24 next you have to change the time to 10:29 PM lastly wait 1 minute and you will see santagotchi!!!!!! he will leave a present! sadly the box is empty they should put something like a santa hat in it any way if you do this keep in mind that you cant change the time or anything so you must reset and download your tamagotchi so be careful!!!!! HOPE I HELPED and also i am not sure if this only works if your tama is an adult so please comment on what you think of this!!!!
  6. 1/10 i never seen u this is my first time lol
  7. if your tama changed to a adult at 5 then it will get its job tommorow the mail will come and you will get a [!] letter read it and click B WHEN IT SAYS away to get your job
  8. guys this is inportant i had to change my account i am mysterio 1997 i swear on my life i am not lieing so dont think im copying anyone ok if i can delete this i will thanks