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    Collecting rare Tamagotch,Getting better at English skill,Taking care of Tamagotch,Kabutochi (^_^),Mimitchi is cool good too.<br>Playing Taiko drum,calligraphy,Beach,The slushie,Swimming,Kuromametchi,Alot of things<br>

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  1. Last year,Before I left the U.S. for Japan,One of my friends got me a Shiba Inu(type of dog) as a gift.I thought I might not have time for it(With work,Family,and whatnot)But I managed.If I can still get mametchi and mimitchi on my P1 and P2,I'm sure you will do fine!J
  2. I'm pretty sure its based on the arcade game where Chamametchi and whatshisface travel through story book worlds. Ill get more info later.
  3. I think they are realesing along with the DVD over here. Ill get info later.
  4. Also,How do I get Chitchi? The Meme family pet. How do I get pets in general.
  5. Okay,Today I sent my Memetchi to the dating channel. She married an Uhyotchi,right? Everything went well and Memetchi evolved into Mememamatchi and Uhyotchi evolved into Memepapatchi. I obviously got the cheerful/meme family. But for someone reason,I got 1 egg instead of 3. Is this normal for matched family types? The v5/Famitama is confusing.
  6. Okay,I'm just a little confused about the v5. I'm so sued to the P1 and P2 D: Anyways,So do 2 of your Tamagotch eventually evolve into parents? Do the parents come to visit? And how the heck do you get the pet? I would love Bagubagutchi. If you could help,That would be great.
  7. Does the V5/Famitama evolve at the same rate of the v1-v4.5?My babies evolved into toddlers yesterday-And my v5 evolved into a teen today.I hatched them at same time.
  8. Very Interesting. I wonder if it could connect with Japanese FamiTama. Good find!
  9. So,On my V4.5 I got the Matsurichi. For anyone doesnt know,Matsuri is Japanese celebration. Matsurichi is very interested in the ancient Japanese culture. I have noticed very interesting things about him. Like,Instead of maracca,He play with two Japanese Gintama drum. Instead of the guitar,He play Biwa.(Old Japanese guitar)He plays traditional song on the Biwa. Instead of normal Drum,He play Taiko drum(Also Japanese instrument) When you give him hat,It is Kabuki mask. When he has trumpet,Instead of trumpet-It is Shakuhachi(Japanese flute) I will try get pictures soon.Maybe video. Has anyone find interesting things like this with their Tamagotch? NOTE:Please read the part of signature of mine that says NOTE to understand my situation.I will explain if you dont understand.
  10. Sorry for many post but,I have to say. He remind me of grand father.
  11. He is very handsome Tama.(No,I lied-He isnt) He is close in relation to the Oyajichi NOTE:Read the NOTE part of my siggnature-THanks
  12. I was on old Tamagotchi site today. Japanese,It is,I was play game of Morino Tamagotch. When I beat the game,It send me here-Morino Secret page. His name,Heganechi. If you want me to translate,I will. NOTE:To fully understand my situation,Read the part of my signature that say NOTE-Thank you!
  13. My best friend Fuyuki(From Japan)had sent me a FamiTama for my birthday. I have still no open it. I wait until they come out in America so I maybe connect. NOTE:Please,To understand my situation read the NOTE part of signature.THank you^^