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  1. Well I don't think its the Exact same as neopets. There are some things the powerpets introduced first, and then neopets had. But pretty much any virtual site made people will say was a take off of neopets, as it was the first. But anyways, in my opinion I consider powerpets better as its a nice friendly site, especially because the staff are always there and you can personlly talk to them instead of though an email. Also the good cause of the website is amazing, as it works with saving real animals unlike neopets were its pure profit. But if anyone else has an account there please post your username, I would be happy to help you on there if its needed. p.s my username is _short_
  2. I know what it is.. Its a virtual pets site like Neopets, I have an account on there, and its pretty awesome. The one think that I like it for better then other virtual pet site, is that its for a good cause. ( Donations to the site help shelter animals find homes and avoid being put down.) But is a pretty good site and everyone is really nice. Like some of the people on here =D I believe I have the link in my signature...
  3. not really theres not as many people on powerpets and its for a real cause (helping animals) not for profit
  4. dose any1 plays here if you do whats your screen name, plus if your a newbie i will gift you a present on there
  5. nope im just trying to tell thoose who play neo about power its so much better i thing it should be a forum here like neo
  6. try this Site i think its better then neo and im sure you will have funn
  7. powerpets is the best virtual pet site EVER!! (not including tamatalk)
  8. check this site out its like neo but way better plus the people and staff are so much nicer it is here check it out
  9. any1 elese have a site they want me to look at