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  1. i love sanrio a ton! my absolute favorite character is my melody, but i also love cinnamoroll and little twin stars! i like hello kitty a lot too, i have a lot of hello kitty stuff since it's the easiest to find.
  2. currently steven universe, especially peridot!
  3. my boyfriend... and peridot from steven universe
  4. marina and the diamonds! i'm going to one of her concerts in october and i'm super excited!
  5. my boyfriend just ordered me this adorable don't hug me i'm scared shirt!!
  6. definitely bluestar!! bluestar's prophecy is my favorite book from the series.
  7. i've been drawing a lot of don't hug me i'm scared art lately
  8. when you try to come back to this site and be a regular member again but always end up leaving after making 2 posts. oops

  9. i do experience ASMR quite a lot, i have since i was a child. i really love the endless amount of videos there are for it. my favorite youtubers who do ASMR are gentlewhispering, heather feather, and albinwhisperland. sooooo many lovely tingles! i sleep to ASMR quite often, but, like many, if i listen to it too much my tingles start to die out, and i'll have to take a break from ASMR for a week or so. when i come back, they've usually returned. 'w'