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    I see you have taken the time to read my profile.<br><br>I wonder how much you really know about me...<br><br>About Me:<br>I am an Aussie girl and I love to play cricket (the sport, not the insect). Cricket would have to be my favourite activity except for TamaTalk of course!<br>As above, I really like cricket. Being in the scorching heat in hot batting pads, sweaty gloves and helmet is my kind of day!<br>I also like Pumas (bet you didn't know that!). Puma is also my favourite sports brand. Its awsome.<br><br>Congratulations! You have wasted approximately 30 seconds of you life getting to know me. Thanks!

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  1. I don't drink engery drinks. They don't taste good to me ;]
  2. Not really... I'd have to know the guy a little if I obsessed.
  3. Too many. I try to type too fast and I end up pressing the keys in the wrong order.
  4. http://content-aus.cricinfo.com/photosplus...5020.html?alt=1 Yeah
  5. I've had a few dreams that came true. I had a dream about getting run out the night before club cricket. The next day, I did get run out. But it was probably just a coincidence. And last night I dreamt I met a younger Mitchell Johnson, haha. But that just proves how obsessed I am :|
  6. I loved Lizzie McGuire when I was little Her music is pretty good too.
  7. I haven't had a wobbly tooth for years. I loved sticking my tongue where the tooth used to be because it felt so weird
  8. I suck at Rubix stuff. I cheat and switch the stickers around
  9. Okay? O_o Probably one of those "had to be there" moments...
  10. They look like they would feel weird, but I haven't worn any before so I don't know. I prefer normal socks.
  11. I think nothing will happen.
  12. I can write with both hands because I had to write left handed when I broke my right arm a few years ago. But I prefer to write with my right hand
  13. Nope. Its a waste of space because its highly unlikely anyone is going to highlight my signature