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  1. wasn't that good. Kinda lost my interest.
  2. I want to See that movie too
  3. I Really Really Want To Get It ^^!
  4. yea there hard to come by and shoot try and turn time back to when it happend
  5. check If Caps Is On SomeTimes People Forget Memitchi VeryDisturbed
  6. Dragon Ball Z (used to love that!) Still Working On Metal Gear Alchemist and Naruto Ps. Dont Be so Hard On Naruto I Live For the Manga!
  7. Ive been Buying Tamagotchi's like crazy Because i am trying to debug them Its Very Complicated you have to take your tamatgotchi apart.Now, Mine broke like a million times and i had to buy another one and another and another _________________________________________________________________________ 4 Reasons why you shouldnt DEBUG ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your Tamagotchi can break If You Successfully DEBUG it It might not work right You Can Lose The screws You could accidently break the battery wire(ME) _________________________________________________________________________ 4 Reasons why you should DEBUG ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You Can Choose the Type of tamagotchi ( Mametchi,Kutchipatchi,ect.) You will learn the Art of hacking You Can brag about your Mametchi to all your friends You Can Choose a boy or girl.
  8. those are some honest words my man
  9. its so funny ^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!