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  1. My favourite game is Slot and my least favourite is Bump. Bump seems to be based entirely on random luck. I remember testing it by playing 5 games back to back, filling up the meter to full on each one... and the result was that I lost on the first round all 5 times. XP
  2. I own 10 Furbys, and another might soon be joining me. :3 Original/1998 Model: Snowball Owl Tuxedo Bumblebee Spring Baby Emototronic Model: Peach/Pink Gray/Blue Charcoal/Yellow Funky Purple 2012 Model: Teal
  3. Yep, that's a V1 indeed. Enjoy your new Digimon! They are more fun when you have two or more to battle, but it's not absolutely necessary. Digimon are definitely my favourite virtual pet. X3
  4. You mean "JD" JiDan? I haven't seen Jidan knock offs in that particular packaging before, have any links? That seller has a lot of recent negative feedback. o_o
  5. My first question is do you still like your 2012 furby, or have you gotten bored with it? If you have, how long did you have it before it got boring? Why does it seem boring to you? I still enjoy my 2012 Furby, though I have only had it for a few weeks. I think it compares with the original models quite well, which I also still enjoy playing with. What are the differences between the 2012 furby and 2012 furby baby/party rocker other than the obvious physical differences? The Party Rockers (they are not Furby Babies) aren't nearly as interactive as the Furbys. They act more as a pet/accessory to the Furby than anything else. They can't be fed or change personalities, for example. I don't own any and have never had them in hand, so I can't be more specific. What are the differences between the 2012 furby and the 1999 furby? 1999 Furby (adult): - Sensors: Tummy (tickle), tongue (for feeding), back (petting), tilt (senses movement), light, sound. - Movement: Ears, beak, eyes/eyelids, base (for dancing). - Vocabulary: Approx 200 words. - Can interact with: Furby 1999, Furby Baby, Shelby, Furby Friends. - On/off Switch: No, but later generations can be made deep-sleep with a specific action. It will fall asleep after a long period of being left alone or if it is in darkness. - Many different colours and patterns to choose from. - IR communication. - Can play the games: Furby Says, Ask Furby, Hide and Seek. Emototronic Furby (2005) - Sensors: Tummy (tickling), tongue (for feeding), back (petting), tilt (senses movement), sound (voice command). - Movement: Ears, beak, eyes/eyelids, base (dancing). - Can interact with: Emototronic Furby. - On/off Switch: Yes. (You can also order Furby to go to sleep) - Limited colours to choose from. - Larger than all other Furby models - Can play game: Red Light Green Light. - Has a limited selection of voice commands. 2012 Furby: - Has LCD screens for eyes. - Sensors: Tummy (tickling), tongue (for feeding), back (petting), tilt (senses movement), sound, tail, sides (for hugs). - Movement: Ears, beak, eyelids, base (for dancing), waist (for movement). - Vocabulary: Many more words than the original Furby, a lot of different phrases. - Can interact with: Furby 2012, Furby Party Rocker. - On/off Switch: No. It will fall asleep when left alone. - A handful of different basic colours. - Communication via high pitched sounds, just like cellphones use. - Will change personalities as you play with it. - There's a phone app for it. If I got the 2005 furby, do you think I would be disappointed since the model I'd rather have is the 2012? Would the downgraded version be worth saving $50? See above for the comparison. Yes, I think you would be disappointed in the 2005 Furby. It is very boring when compared to the other Furby models. It lacks in interactivity and spontaneity, you can only give it a few voice commands which it reacts to in the same two or three different ways every time. All of the other models are more lively than 2005 Furby, which seems more like a lifeless robot than a virtual pet.
  6. It's really a matter of opinion. I don't like them that much, mostly for the bulk and the locked content (unlocked by purchasing figures).
  7. Maybe those particular fans could be a little more open to new (or old, in the case of Furby and Poo-chi) things? XD Furby is a great virtual pet robot. I've been a fan of keychain virtual pets for a long time, and Furby is a favourite of mine. The problem here has little to do with what certain picky fans like, it has everything to do with how bad of an idea this toy is. This thing... I agree with the rest of the quoted text, it is very flawed. Furby is a good virtual pet/robot because it is well designed, fun and self-contained. Techpet is basically a phone app with a robot dog body. :/
  8. (I was hoping someone else would have posted since my last post, oh well. XD) Rene's battery is dead. I knew this was going to happen soon. I don't have any more batteries at the moment, and I don't know when I will be able to get more. Sooo... my participation in this hatch is postponed until I can get him a fresh battery. ;
  9. Rene is 42. He has a little bit of a weight problem, but is doing fine.
  10. Hi everyone. Sorry that I haven't been keeping up, I've been very busy recently. Rene has had quite a few days of being paused, or having the time set back so he was sleeping the whole day. I just haven't had the time or energy to properly care for him, which makes me feel kinda bad. but he is doing well, and is 32 years old. Soon he will be the age Clay was when he glitched. Hopefully Rene will surpass it. X3 and a big welcome to all new Tamas who have joined!
  11. I have the Blue Kacheek and the Red Kougra. I haven't played with them in years, but I do remember that the Kacheek talked, and the kougra can only make growling/meowing noises and is rather boring.
  12. Rene is 17. "Bump" is one of the most useless games on a Tamagotchi I've ever experienced. I played 5 games in a row, getting the full power bar each time - and lost all 5 games on the first round. XP I'm convinced that there's no skill involved in winning that game, and that it's just luck-based.
  13. Rene is 16. I gave him a pencil, and he decided to draw a picture. Not sure how it turned out, 'cause he wouldn't show it to me afterwards. X3
  14. Take a Q-tip, dip it in white vinegar and rub at the corroded parts. Dry it and then see if that did anything.
  15. Rene is 14. The shop has nothing but boots in stock. XD;