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    I like music to be specific I like Calabria-enur by natasha good song. Chris brown, t-pain I could go on forever but I will stop here... I love cats I have one named bailey he is a cute cat. This next one is a no brainer but I LOVE tamagotchis, I have many they are each special in their own way they have different personalities. I am working on my tamagotchi collection and hope to get more. That is about me... I love tamatalk! it is the best tamagotchi fansite ever! I hope to reach my goal of 1,000 posts. I often sit and wonder what the future of tamagotchis will be like, YOU DECIDE!

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  1. look at all the WEBKINZ COMING OUT SOON! I can't wait!
  2. my username is maddy199715 I would please like a billiards table please in the game section thanks!
  3. I know because of this pre order ships august iit says!
  4. they are coming next month!!
  5. Ok I am so excited currently!!!! Here are the VERY NEW releses and I hope it is not just a rumor and I hope it does come out. Please tell me your thought on this
  6. they are so fun and cute and tey are interactive in their house go to webkinz and click on take a tour
  7. I am thinking about getting the funkeys starter kit. Are they worth it?
  8. thank you I received the gifts and I love them. I sent you a thank you note
  9. thank you sooo much I will add you as a freind
  10. I just got a webkinz and my username is maddy199715 I am really poor and I only have a bed and nothing else except for I spent some money on food so he my pet could live. If you could please send some items to me I would love that. Even food is good. Help someone who is in need of items or food. Think, this is to help out a hungry poor black bear thanks
  11. I have 6 webkinz but all the accounts have expired so I have to get a new one. I am getting the black bear and I am buying it one outfit and pjs and a carrier and I saw the cool stuff it unlocks at webkinz world! anybody have any clothes?
  12. I named my tiger stripe and I forget the others. My friend named her duck cheeky.
  13. people say for every one fish you need a 10 gallon tank but I have 3 fish in a 3 gallon tank. I can't get a 10 gallon tank