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  1. cuz u didnt wanna be LightCore why am i luved by every1????????
  2. cuz uwish that wer true y do i hav the cool unnamed tiger tama
  3. cuz u can why is my tama not flying
  4. cuz there is no skool on monday why is the sky big?
  5. cuz he plays in it why is my comp slow
  6. bcuz u do why am i a person
  7. Shaft9000

    More Generations

    my tamas generation and other info is in my signature plus sum kool sites that i reccomend u visit
  8. just becuz............................................... becuz lol why is the grass purple
  9. Cuz ur not why are spiders scary
  10. cuz ur a reject why is the Chappelle Show so cool
  11. 1. When it says "List Full" either ur frend list is full, or ur item list is full (only hold 30 items im sure), or ur treat list is full (only 28 treats) so do sumtin bout that and it shud work 2.Keep pressing A for the shop keeper till he looks like that
  12. Shaft9000


    i know that ur tama has to be on odd number generation and i also know that the hunger and food hearts need to be at a certain number but i honestly dont know what they are
  13. for sum reason when do u think aliens will come to earth
  14. cuz they taste like crud why is my tama waring a bakpak
  15. y do eggs smell bad but taste good