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  1. I don't HAVE one beacause the s***ting dirt bags,AKA TOYS R US won't ship it to me till tuseday I've been waiting for SIX days already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out my Leaving topic in Departures on tamatalk
  2. IVE decided to quit this log until I get my music star and when I do, I will start up another log I promise.
  3. I wouldn't say I HATE it,I just think it gets boring.I want the music star now!
  4. The ! mail came and I knew that ment a job!!!! so Abby walked to the clothes store Simon Randy and Plaula stepped out and all of them said no .Then Abby stepped into the bakery again three no's.Then she walks to Tamagotchi town Middle school and The three judges said:Yo Abby dat wuz hot Girl!,I like this job for you.I say a yes to you Then The gotchi king himself walked up and personally handed My Abby a gift,and then and there Abby was a proud middle school teacher!
  5. She changed!!!! she is a Pyonkotchi! Hunger:$$$$$ Happy:$$$$$ Skills: Smart:102 Fashion:59 Social:13 Wow. I look alot different!But that won't stop me!
  6. Still no change but she evolves tonight!
  7. She evolved again! she was at home while went to shcool so she isn't the heathiest tama in the clinic. so I cleaned her up, and got the mail for tama school. Her stats: Hungry:$$$$$ Happy:$$$$$ Intellgince:57 Fashion:27 Social:10 YAY!!!!! I evolved into a Ojyotchi now I have a long curl on my forehead and it is sooooooooooo stylish I can't wait to show my friends at tama school!
  8. YAY!!!!!!!!! She Evolved! she is a putchitchi lets have her speak: YAY finally I can speak! Do you know hard it is to not know how to speak as a baby! I'm glad too so you aren't that needy anymore!
  9. Hello ,this is my log about my v4 and my soon to come in the mail,v6.My tama's name right now is Abby and she is currently a baby.I'll let her talk: She is in PURPLE And i'm in BLUE boegije! Whoops! I forgot she is a baby!!!! Hungry:***** Happy:*****
  10. I totally agree with Matthew4181.Someone please close this topic. P.S.I'm not trying to be rude,but it is kind of hard to belive that there would be a Masktchi killing a tamagotchi.But maybe it was a holiday animation and after a few minutes it died of a skull or something.
  11. If you have any friends that have a boy adult tama over the age of 4 then get them both to a high relationship and make sure they are both over the age of 4 and soon they will marry.Now if you don't have any friends with a 4-year old adult boy tama then the matchmaker comes at 6-9 years of age at these times: 10:00, 3:00 ,and 7:00 NOTE:The matchmaker only stays on your tama's screen for about 10 seconds so think fast! Hope I helped, Moo978
  12. Maybe a glitch? I would try resetting. Have a tamatalkitive tamatalking day!
  13. If you don't want her again try getting different skill points,and different training levels.
  14. Mabye try reset-Download on the first problem,and on the second maybe try reset-download again and see if they come back.I would also email bandai and see if they have any ways to fix it. Hope I helped, Moo978
  15. Patchiman is the specal character on the tamagotchi plus color.You obtain him by using the superhero box on kutchipatchi.If you don't like him use the superhero box again to turn him back to kutchipatchi. Hope I helped, Moo978