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    Drama Club is the BEST! I love singing and acting.<br><br>......_____<br>l\_/....O.O\<br>l._...........<<br>l/..\_____/ FEAR MY FISHY FURY!<br><br><br>i used to be shy<br>haha, imagine that?!<br><br>plz vivit my site at

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  1. naked brothers (i keep waiting for them to say "just kidding. we know we cant sing) zac efron (or poop-tron.... i dunno, out of insults)
  2. aar ROX MY SOX off to the moon, pluto and beyond! woohoo's for: it ends tonight straightjacket feeling dont leave me happy endings move along night drive 11:11 pm your star time stands still AAR IS LOVE
  3. hahah im listenin to it rite now, altho i have a zen v plus mp3, not an ipod. but whatev aly & aj ashanti (??) b5 beyonce black eyed peas chris brown ciara the click five clipse (??) dolla (??) dr sk chew (??) drew sidora everlife fall out boy fergie fountains of wayne good charlotte gwen stefani hannah montana HSM cast joi (??) justin timberlake kelis (??) lil mama mama earth (??) miley cyrus my chemical romance paramore petey pablo samantha jade sean paul The All-American Rejects (woohoo ARR!) vanessa hudgens vincent cheng (??) youngbloods (??) yung joc (??) stuff with (??)'s are people who either came with the mp3 or just people i forget
  4. straightjacket feeling: the all-american rejects woohoo for ARR!! :]
  5. so i have the zen v plus mp3 player and i was wondering how do you use line in recording?
  6. i just joined chocopets and i was wondering- how do you feed them? how do you raise their happiness? how do you pet them? what are the minigames for? thanks anyone who replies
  7. idk... when i was a young boy my father took me into the city to see a marching band he said son when you grow up would you be the savior of the broken the beaten and the dammed
  8. 0/10 never heard it Pedestal - Fergie
  9. i have one in my siggy altho i like my freewebs better (also in siggy)
  10. i have a bunny! his name is whiskers. i <3 my bunny! he is white with brown spots. once my sister randomly bought a bunny, named it assasin, and brought it to collage (XD). but then it got too big so she brought it home and my dad put it in our chicken coop and assasin starting eating the feathers off the chickens (XD) so my dad traded him at the flea market. lol wat a funny-bunny PS bobo in spanish means guy moron!! lol (boba is girl moron)
  11. i move it around, but i LOVE the weird texture when you leave it in ur cheek! it amuses me!!
  12. the only name brand i like is xhileration... its cute and not as expensive as hollister. i dont really get why ppl think one shirt is better becuase it has a popular brand name on it. actually one reason i like xhileration is because its not popular so my clothes will be unique and cost less. so yea i wear cute shirts (some of which, xhileration) and just normal blue jeans (or capris made from too short jeans i cut) and i like flats and small tennis shoes (some of which also xhileration).
  13. ok ummm get a bunches a whip cream and spray it all over the ground (bring ALOT of whip cream!!) and then make cream angels or when you see someone coming to get their car run up to the car their walking towards and say "hey! this is my car! GET YOUR OWN CAR!!!!!"
  14. 2/10 the world is ending.. in america