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  1. or change the time over and over to 9:59 am and wait a minute this goes a lot quicker
  2. BOB I AM HAPPY AND FULL!!!!!!!!! today i have 91439 points i got 2 smelly poos in the mail earlier but mommy made it all better! she thinks i am spoiled and maybe i am mommy is not very happy with me and lorie because we are still on 4 happy faces....... LORIE i am 1 heart unhappy, but i am full! OMG I MORPHED YESTERDAY INTO A RINGOTCHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo!!! WILL 1 heart unhappy, full JAKE mommy doesnt like what i morphed into i morphed into a smile dude mommy doesnt like it cuz it is the same type as the other 3 who died on this same tama.....she still love me tho!
  3. well it depends on the times you usually get a job offer at i think 10:00am, 3:00pm, and 7:00pm !!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope i helped for future reference
  4. you hit and hold A to speed it up and leggo to return to normal speed again hope i helped!
  5. BOB hungry............i just got a smelly poo in the mail!!!! mommy wants to put me on.......*PAUSE* LORIE hungry ME sorry i am being so lazy...........i will take care of bob later. the only reason i did not put lorie on pause is because i want her to morph and grow
  6. bob and lorie are connecting........talking on the phone okay here is a phone log you can tell what they are doing by their facial expressions time talking bout 1st shocking secret 2nd secret 3rd wow they love sharing secrets! 4th fight 5th BETCHA CANT GUESS!!! (its a SECRET!!!!!!) ps you can go ahead and reply i know it makes some peoples mad but i do not care!!!! but only reply with comments anything else pm me
  7. BOB I JUST GOT A SNAKE IN THE MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mommy gave me praise and i was 1 heart better then she played manhole with me so now i am HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LORIE i am 14 pounds and i am 1 heart unhappy so i will ask mommy if we can play jumping rope..............she said yes............okay all better now i am 11 pounds WILL *PAUSE* JAKE *PAUSE*
  8. LORIE i am crying but mommy made it better so now i am happy and 1 more bar in training BOB i am 1 heart less happy with mommy for giving me a time out WILL no JAKE all the same like will
  9. JAKE woo hoo i morphed into a smiley thing!!!!!!!!!! mommy is happy!!!! WILL i woke up finally not much BOB i just got a [!] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i also just went smelly poo i chose Mr. McFatface!!!! that is a funny name!!!!!!!!!! i am happy!!!!!!! he gave me a hat i beeped for no reason so mommy had to give me a time out.....she feels like almost crying when she has to because i cry D= LORIE my precious bob is in skool now!!!!!!! poor mommy is sad... but bob had to be trained so......i hope i morph soon maybe into a that is what mommy's BFF had on her V4
  10. THEY TOOK OVER!!!!!!!!!!!! o well they are so cute!!!!!!almost every time i connect bob and lorie they talk on the phone =D rite now they are hop hop hopping!!!!! methinks i shall make bob get the mr mcfatface teacher................ i will connect them nonstop for a couple minutes now
  11. ok so i am new to this but here i go i have V3-pink bows-Will-boy V3-cherries-Jake-boy V4-green glo in the dark-Lorie-girl V4.5-blue flowers-Bob-boy first i will start with my V4 my V3s are sleeping LORIE woo hoo the king just came and gave me 1100!!! my mommy is happy i hope to marry bob he is a shining diamond now!!!! i just went smelly poo on the toilet!!!!! i am not a teen yet like bob but he still love me!!! i am hungry........ BOB i am brushing my teeth now i love lorie we have 4 smiley faces right now! I AM A TEENAGE DIAMOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!my mommy thinks i am the cutest one yet brush brush brush i like to brush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WILL ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ JAKE ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  12. soo sorry if i am a little late my b day is 2/8 pm me if you wanna say happy b day i want a nintendo ds lite tamagotchi corner shop a v5 i know i am getting all of this but i do not care plz plz pm me 2day cuz our home computer is not working we will not be getting one 4 a while so this is my last day on here 4eva!!!!!!!!! DO NOT EMAIL ME CUZ THE ADDRESS IS MY MOMS WORK SHE IS QUITTING THIS IS HER LAST DAY AND MINE 2 SO SHE CANCELED HER EMAIL ADDRESS SO DO NOT WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. i can but it keeps messing up sorry how bout a banjo
  14. ill give it a 8/10 good message, kinda bland tho
  15. *comment in another members log removed *