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  1. LOL! That's hilarious. I've done many similar things while sugar-hyped. ~SkyCrystal
  2. Finding the most complicated way to do something and doing it Confusing people just for the heck of it Randomly bursting out in song Chocolate Hugh Jackman Writing a billion poems in one sitting Wearing only one glove with no fingers Video games (there are specifics, but there are just to many to name right now) My Pug Getting from point a to point b without anybody knowing you're there And a bunch of others that would take way to long to name. That's basically what I've done today as far as obsessions go. They change from day to day, not to mention my bazillion hobbies... lol ~SkyCrystal
  3. Nothing right now since Thursday is my weekly "stay in pajamas all day when there's no school" day. No, seriously... always, always in pjs on Thursday. lol. Usually my cell phone, notes passed between me and my best friend during class, code/alphabet translator keys, spare change, random receipts, etc. Most of my random stuff goes in my enormous over-stuffed purse though. ~SkyCrystal
  4. I usually see it as half empty. I'm not like a pessimistic person or anything, it's just when I'm thinking of water in a cup I think it's half empty.
  5. Baby - Justin Bieber And it's really torture because I can't STAND Justin Bieber. ~SkyCrystal
  6. Hey Soul Sister - Train Give Love a Try - Jonas Brothers Ok, I usually hate the Jonas Brothers, but I play that song all the time on my guitar. Same with Hey Soul Sister except I don't hate Train. ~SkyCrystal
  7. Was kind of bizarre to me, but still had a good point. ~SkyCrystal
  8. I tried to write something with a rhyme scheme aaaa bbbb cccc dddd and 10 syllables in each line. But I couldn't really get it to fit in with any basic foot. Here it is (oh ya, and there's an incredible lack of puncuation... lol. I wrote it that way and I'm to lazy to fix it now): Water tumbles from the heavens so fair sown by the hands of the dark dreary air nature is frozen in a distant stare watching the sky for a peak of one glare The fire of space, the ominous glow To bring back florescent, musical flow The beasts of the land and the green that grows Any of those would be likely to know The sun has, as always, been birthed once more Revealing the splendid mountains galore The heaving of plains have breathing restore Falcons take flight from the earthy grown floor Driplets and stragglers will be left alone Flourishing mildews make living of stone Creatures arise and untangle their bone Answering only to time and to throne Here's one about fishies Splish, splash Into the river I dive. Swim, dash To the place where they thrive; Gleaming arrows of water, The masters of tide Remembering which and not to ride. They shine all around me, each a silver star Forever they’ll be watching our world from afar. Still don't have names for either. Any ideas? ~SkyCrystal EDIT: Thought I'd go ahead and add my other poem to this one instead of making another topic.
  9. What's your most embarassing moment? Mine would have to be when I was going to kiss a guy on the cheek, but my nose slammed into his face. lol! We were both like "OW! hehe *blush*"... and I haven't tried that since. ~SkyCrystal
  10. Banana bread in muffin form, lightly nutted with a light fluffy taste. Me likes meh banana bread. :3 How can you have NOT heard of banana bread?! I feel sorry for you poor, deprived people. ~SkyCrystal
  11. I had a school project one time to send a letter to anyone, and me (being the over-achiever and all) sent one to Mr. Big Britches himself. George W. Bush was wearing them when I sent it. XP He sent a thank-you letter back and a picture of him and his wife. I think it was one of his employees or something, but hey! I got a stamp of the president's signature! ~SkyCrystal
  12. HUGH JACKMAN (to bad he's like... 40... lol) And Patrick Dempsey I guess. No one comes inbetween me and Hugh though. ~SkyCrystal
  13. Let's see... 50/50 burmuda (sp?) shorts or jeans, usually skinny. I'll wear a graphic T (never anything to colorful) or some fancier-ish shirt. Shoes, I hate 'em. But when I have to, Flip-flops in a hurry. If I can ever find any socks, I'll wear my converse. As for hair, the color changes a lot. I almost always wear it down and straightened (my hair poofs up beyond what I thought was physically possible), but when I don't have time, I'll just french braid it on both sides and put it in a quick bun. My bangs are always to the side and in my face. Makeup... basic foundation to even out skin tone, heavy mascara, and a little eyeliner. I've mastered the art of make-up... 30 seconds tops. lol! All that's when I'm going out. If I know I'll be home all day, you'll find me in shorts and a T with no make-up and my hair in a pony. ~SkyCrystal
  14. I've finished Redwall, and I plan to read Mossflower next. Have your read them all?
  15. Username: I really don't know how the whole "SkyCrystal" thing started with me. I've used it as usernames online for as long as I can remember. Lately if SkyCrystal is taken, then I'll use GracieJones. That's not my real name, but I've played with my friends with that fake name and used it in the many books I've written. I also use it to sign my e-mails... so basicly it's my pen name. Avvie: Sort of random. You can barely read what it says! I really don't like it. You know what? I'm going to change it as soon as I finish this post. I made it because I found some great quotes online. I found a picture of a white rose online, inverted the colors, and put the words on top. Voila! Siggy: I'm also going to change that after posting. Some dude started this forum called Gotchifun (it only has a couple of members), and I volunteered to help him start it up. I was even an admin! But now since I haven't been on in years, he moved me down to a moderator. It will never be as good as Tamatalk, so I just sort of left it.