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  1. I have a v5 and it is far too complex for me!
  2. I might be getting one today from argos! I would love the brilliant ruby design! <3
  3. Its just your tamas dubble!you enter the clones shop code and click on it then your tama interacts with it automatically. Cute!
  4. yeh they are CR2032 (button cell batteries)
  5. Name:*Sugar* Country:Uk Comment:I have never have a angel but i would adore it if they came back
  6. some people dont know the value ofold tamas so thats why its probably cheep
  7. Common guys, lighten up how can you hate your parents! There the people who brought you up taught you the path you should take and love you to bits! I love both my mum and dad to bits they mean the world to me! My mum is really comforting and my dad is really kind and funny!
  8. I had a roomies and gave it back because it was rubbish and i dont think this one is going to do much either!
  9. Its your decision.whatever you like best
  10. Not a wise choice....There are lots off things that are fake on ebay and some dogey sellers aswell. My advice is go to a local shop you trust and buy a battery form there
  11. I voted pink. but there are too many colors to decide a absoulute fav i also like lime and lilac. kewl colors!