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  1. Sorry v5 lovers but I think v5 is a bit overated. Taking care of 3 tamas? I don't really like the idea... I think Bandai has gone too far!!! I really hope v6 only has one character at once!!! I HATE THEM!!!
  2. My blue emtama is a paused kuchipetchi and my yellow entama is a kuchiotchi(boy).My v3 evolved into a kuchipatchi!!! I know this is a short post, sorry...
  3. So I was playing shape at with my young kuchipatchi and then, it happened. Two lines appeared parallel and horizontal, slowly my young kuchipatchi faded away and the lines were getting darker and lighter!!!(not flashing...) It is not the battery low sign because I had the battery low sign before and it looked nothing like it. Here's the creepy part, I unscrewed mt rama and took out the batteries, half of the lines were still there!!! Then I used my v4.5 batteries in and it worked fine!!! But I just don't feel good putting the bad batteries in there...
  4. I started up my v4 yesterday and it is a YOUNG KUCHIPATCHI!!! This is the first time I had a kuchi character before on my v4!! My v3(sorry I didn't tell you I started it up...) is a 3yrs batabatchi. My blue entama is on GEN. 3 as a girl kuchikotchi ( I didn't marry my yellow entama...) My yellow entama is a siberetchi with a boy kuchikotchi!!! It should be on GEN.2 by tomorrow at 5:30.
  5. Sorry for not posting, I've been really busy lately, anyways, my blue entama turned into kabukitchi and my yellow entama is a... SEBIRETCHI!!!! My entama should be able to get married later today and ms Sebiretchi shoul be able to get married tomorrow and I'm not going to get them married because I want to test breeding a hatena zoku member with.. another hatena zoku member!!!! Binary already experimented this with 2 nekutaitchis and got a memezoku boy, I just hope they are opposite genders...
  6. If you have 300points, donate it before you openthe letter(unless you aleady have a royal costume)
  7. How 'bout 5:00Pm Feb...14!!! Thus could be a valentines hatching!!!!!!
  8. It should evolve into a teen soon and I'm going to start up my blue entama tomorrow afternoon. OK, I think it's time you should know that I have more tamas: v4.5 v4 v3
  9. I did sometin... and no, this is not because I hate tamas, it's just that 2 entamas are 2 much for me, so I took the battery out of my blue one so now my log is going to be about my yellow entama, but don't worry, I will start it up in 2 days, I just want my entamas to be the same age so they can get married. Yellow Entama STATS: Age:1 Stage:Child Character:Kuchipetchi Skill points: Int:6 Sty:224 Kin:11 points:1190 weight:40
  10. My entama evolvedinto a teen this morning!!! Even better... MY NEW YELLOW ENTAMA JUST GOT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a kuchiotchi (girl)
  11. I just lost 4 hours of time when my tama reset itself so I had to download it... So it is going to evolve into a teen at around 7:30 tonight, I'll post when it evolves. Saoka's stats: Intellegence:8 Fashion:250 Kindness:5 Points: $31190
  12. Well Saoka got into preschool later that night, Saoka should evolve tomorrow afternoon I'll post later... OH! and Saoka wants to talk. Ni hao wo..... Sorry, I'll translate. Hi!!! My name is Saoka, I like playing with my drums. I don't mean to brag, but I'm naturally STYLISH!!! Saokas stats: Hungry:4/4 Happy:4/4 Intellect:3 Style:~*244*~!!! Kindness:5 Gender: BOY Generation:2 Parent:MAMETCHI!!!
  13. Tamagotchi's Name: poopy Tamagotchi's Age: 259 Date of Birth: October 5. 2001 Date of Passing: January 25, 2008 What Generation? 99 Your Comments: The matchmaker just wouldn't come so he died when I was watching a 3-minute long commercial...
  14. *comment in another members log - removed * http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showtopic=3219
  15. The boxes that flash are the ones that switch, the box always starts off on the right, say the middle and right boxes flash at the same time, that means the boxes switched, and don't worry bit's true, at least it always works for me... For v4: You can get the maximum of 30 skillpoints each day, each box contains 3 skillpoints For v4.5: You can get a maximum of 40 skillpoints each day, each box contains 4 skillpoints Hope I helped!!!