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  1. Yes of course it's ok to make a Poll, comps (competitions) are totally different to Polls.
  2. Ok, this is really freaky & i'm not sure if anybody knows about it, but there is a Tamagotchi character on V3 called Violetchi! I found this out beacuse I baught the "Totalgirl" magazine (Only because The Veronicas were on the cover) & it came with a free mini Tamagotchi V3 Mag, this is what I found: THE REPLACED FURAWATCHI WITH VIOLETCHI!!!!! It is really wierd that they changed the name don't you think? * Moved to What's On Your Mind? forum *
  3. This is so old, I think it should be closed or deleted. Just my oppinion
  4. ....ok.....I.....am officially.....FREAKED OUT!.....That was the most..... freaky, scary, disturbing & lame add I have ever seen (and thats saying something because that Littlest Pet Shop add is some bad work or "art"). Anyway, I allready knew all that stuff on the add, if it weren't for the freaky song and lame "Gotcha Tamagotchi" thing, it may have been okish. But anyways, I like Peanut Butter!
  5. Don't say that! That is horrible! How could you say something like that, I dought very much he/she is doing drugs!
  6. It's Hinotamatchi, how in the world does that look like Sonic???
  7. if your gonna act like a freak get the *removed* off this site *Post edited by TamaMum*
  8. Then Phil came up and jumped on his back. And Phil kissed Mac & they got married and lived happily ever after in Gaytown!
  9. I have seen the 3rd one b4, well not in shops but on the net.