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  1. Admin

    Happy Birthday Haku!

  2. Mimitchi, without a doubt. I also love and , I've never had a and I hate !
  3. Tamagotchi's Name: Roo Tamagotchi's Age: 12 Date of Birth: 15-04-2005 Date of Passing: 26-04-2005 What Generation? 1 Your Comments: She had a baby with her! Why did it have to be her,WHY, WHY, WHY! We all will miss you My Beloved Roo!
  4. THEY HAD BABIES! I Conected with my brother and they mated..For the first time ever! PS Thank oyu for all your help!
  5. GOT IT Buy It Now - £24.49! Yay I've got one!!!
  6. I hav't got a V2 so I would't know!
  7. LOST IT Out bid at the last moment
  8. Found one! But then I got out bid. So I found another on eBay (Buy it now) and bourght it!
  9. Hopefully, I'm getting mine tonight (26-Apr-2005 1930h), but they do look good and sound good too. That's right JC it's me your worst nightmear! HAKU!!! PS - I just got my first and he's adorable
  10. I'm not strictley a new pet owner as such (I will be when my V2 comes!) but I still need some simple advise. I realy, realy, realy want to get an *OAT* (Old Age Tamagotchi) but it always dies before it has time to get to that point. I just need to know the perfect tama weight (grams & lbs accsepted) PS - I just got my first and he's so adorable !
  11. Help! I've seen lots of different codes all over the place but what I want to know is do they work on connexion as well and the US connection? Do the codes do the same thing or do they not work on the UK connexion? Please Help! PS - I just got my first on my V1 and he's so adorable
  12. I'm Gettinig a Tamgotchi Connexion Version 2 today!!! I founfd it on eBay, Its the deep yellow onen with stars on. Bidding ends at 1500h BST. If you have any tips just post thtem here or pm me. I'm so looking forward to the day it comes Plus I just got my first and he's adorable
  13. Hia Everyone! Do you know were I can buy a neck strap for my tama? I tried eBay but I could only find football club ones and iPods . I welcome any web addresses that ship/are based in the UK. Just to give you an idear of what I'm looking for, nothing too pink (purple is fine though) nothing clealy to do with any football team contepery is good black or silver/gray would be fab I await your replies (and web addreses) Thank you verry much, Haku
  14. Help, Again! Does anyone know were I can buy a tamagotchi connection/connxtion v2 (whitch ever is the UK one). My top price is £25.00, I was lookig at eBay but some just seemed too cheap! Please Reply