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  1. Amber905

    my raffle

    i will donate but if i win i want something that you bought not mien and it has to be big and i will donate all the time
  2. food or anything Amber905 on webkinz
  3. around 3 and do you want me to add you?
  4. ok a webkinz studio.... Ok I will get it to you asap maybe tommorow and i will add you as a friend
  5. enter and come to my house on friday July 18th and i will add you to my buddy list and there will be gift bags and there is a lot of games we can play just add your username and say you are coming thankx please come!
  6. forgot to say please anwser all by August 1st and i might do it again, and sorry for bumping up myy topic!
  7. webkinz are cool and think they are fun for all ages
  8. Add me as a friend and i will try to get you whatever you want just leave your webkinz username on and say what thing you would like and please give me 2 days notice and please it has to be under 2000 dollars thankz
  9. Amber905

    my raffle

    my name is Amber905 on Webkinz, add me as a friend and i will tr to donate something
  10. like for a week but it says it will be up in a week so?
  11. on webkinz it can't go on it doesn't let me on the page are they just updating
  12. Amber905

    Ok Weird

    sorrry for bumping but i forgot, how many people has got ten tokens
  13. Amber905


    that is a good idea, make use of what u get true..
  14. Amber905


    yes that was kind of meen, but i am just sayung, not bragging???
  15. Amber905


    well true... i will send u both an exclusise gift... But please tell me your webkinz usernames both of you mamaatchi and cek