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  1. I thought of more! -Sanrio & San-X stuff -cat ears! (the kind I wear, there was no animal cruelty involved) -hair toys (barrettes, hair sticks, etc.)
  2. My aunt's is on Halloween, too, and mine is Oct 27th, same as Kelly Osbourne, and some other people, too :3
  3. "too much" is relative, since obviously I don't think it's too much but others do, so here it goes: -Tamas (of course) -beauty products (makeup, lotion, shampoo, etc) -knee socks -yarn (I'm an avid knitter/crocheter) -sewing patterns (avid sewer, too!) -beads (also into jewelry making!) -pillows -blankets -plushies -music! (I download CONSTANTLY) -books -purses and shoes! (I AM a girl!) -video games -stickers -gel pens -random stuff I've downloaded (I repeat, I download CONSTANTLY) That's all I can think of, but I'm sure there's more!
  4. Oh yes, I'm crazy over a boy right now (not a BOY really, he IS 22), but he lives very far away and has a gf that i can't stand. Seriously, she's uglier than homemade shoes and she's nasty and snooty, so I don't understand the attraction, especially when he's so sweet and kind and TOTALLY handsome. Ahh, boys....
  5. I need to buy new batteries for my tamas since my v 4.5s are over a year old now of runtime and they need to be replaced. I know I could probably get them from Radio Shack but they cost about $5 each there. Awfully expensive for such a dumb little battery, isn't it? Does anyone know of any cheaper sources or has ever tried ordering them online?
  6. ONLY 24? you youngun! I'm 28 and just bought my 12th!
  7. Start with "Hi, I'm (Name)." and then pay him a compliment and take it from there.
  8. Do you wear nail polish? Always on my toes, usually on my nails, but sometimes I get lazy, too. How do you do your nails? crazy colors, usually. I like them either very bright or very dark. Glitter and metallics are a must. Are you a nail-biter? No, except when I break one and need to either remove the broken part or even out the edge a bit. How long are your nails? right now, about 1/8" long, maybe a little less. Do you care about your nails? YES because up until recently, I never had nice nails, but I started taking GNC's Ultra NourisHair, and although I can't see much difference in my hair, my nails are now MUCH stronger, which makes sense because your hair and nails are made of the same material.
  9. no it wasn't sick, either. In the end I just reset it, which seemed to work.
  10. I've done it 4 times now and it still keeps coming! I'm to the point of ignoring it! What's the deal?
  11. I'm also over 18 and love my tamas, I have ever since V1 made it's debut, when I was already in HS (a lot of girls in my HS had the V1s!!) So don't worry, you have an adult tamafriend in me!
  12. to me, Red Bull tastes like gasoline and cherry cough syrup >.> I like Starbucks Double Shot, Hydrive, and Bawls.
  13. And let's not forget Big Ben and Heath Miller! <3<3<3