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    Hmm, I will do a thingy like a questionare:<br>Favourite Colour: Pink and black!<br>Favourite tama: MIMITCHI!!!<br>Tama Most Like: Memetchi. Im emotional.<br>Favourite food: Got 2 be double choc chip icecream!<br>Fave Drink: Chocolate milkshake!<br>Sites I go on: TamaTalk, (ofcourse) RuneScape (accounts: Claire 1119, Violacea) TamaCool (Account: Tama Bunny12/13) Neopets (account: Tamaemmax) <br>Favourite animal: Squirrels!<br>Tamagotchis at the moment: Max V4 Teen Young Androtchi, Rosie V3 Teen The Tama Wiv The Smile.<br>Hobbies: I luv 2 watch friends and Corrie and I luv TV. I luv writing stories, art, playing nintendo and Ofcourse, tamas, tht y i joined this site, SHOPPING!!!!!<br><br>Plz read my logs and Max's tama diary in the library under Logs. I called the log: MA V3 AND V4!. And my diary is called My tamas diary! I think.<br>There! U no about me. Ty 4 reading my intrests<br>Luv u! xxx

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  1. Dear Diary, It was great at preschool! And the news about having a famous actress as a mum has come out. I met tuns of mates, including a reallly pretty harutchi! Her names Sally and she is gonna be a mimitchi when she's older. Lilah is her friend too. But I got the feeling she's a little jealous of Sally. And when me and Sally we joking around, I saw Lilah looking at us, then her eyes start watering and she turns away. Why is she doing this? What's wrong with her? Anyway, I visited my mum: *** At mums: Mum: Hello sweetie! I missed you loads. (hugs) Dad: Oh wow! You are going to be in the Meme family? What character? Eddy: I'm going to be a togetchi! Mum: Oh! You are going to be so handsome! Dad: How is school? Eddy: It's fine. Mum: Make any friends? Eddy: Yes, I'm quite popular now. I met some girls too (: Mum glances quickly at dad, they both give eachother a quick smile. Dad: So...erm...what girls did you meet? What are thier names? Eddy: A harutchi and a mohamitchi. The mohimatchis is called Lilah, she's alright. But I like Sally the harutchi more. She's very pretty and nice. Mum and dads smiles vanished. Dad: Why don't you like Lilah? Eddy: I do, but she is kind of a loner and seems sad and stuff. I like her as a friend. My parents nodded. Eddy: Anyway, I have to go. Love you mum, and dad. Mum: Yes, promise you will call? Eddy: Promise. Dad: See you soon son. I walked out of the house. Why did they seem so bothered about Lilah anyway? Why were they asking weird questions? I heard talking from inside: Mum: Oh dear! He likes this Sally more? Can't he see that Lilah and him are soulmates? Dad: He is a young age dear, he will soon know that. Huh? I walked home. Me and Lilah SOULMATES?? As IF! Just because Lilah happens to be the sad lonely girl, she has to be the right one for me. I am too young to know this stuff anyway. I think me and Sally are made for eachother. I like her, she likes me. And I don't like Lilah, and she doesn't like me. So I think they are getting too old too soon. I went to bed and thought. What was going to happen in the future?.... Eddy
  2. Dear Diary, where am I? What is this weird place.... WHERE IS MUMMY?? I started to cry. A teenager came running in. Nan: OH dear! Don't cry. What's the matter? Eddy: Where am I?? Who are you?? Nan: I'm your nan. I will take care of you now. come on, you are hungry. I made you some warm milk. Drink up, i want you to meet someone. I drank up the milk. It was nice and creamy. I loved it. I wanted some more! Eddy: Nan? Can I..? Nan: Ok then, i guess you are a little bit more hungry. Eddy: Thank you! (: I drank it up. I felt full. Nan: There, thats better! Lets excersize a little tho. We played a game of skipping. I liked it a lot. But i was still getting used to moving about so much, i lost a couple of times. Then I got up to 30! Nan: Oh Eddy! That's brilliant! And you have intellagence hig. Just like ya mum. The doorbell rang. Nan: I will get that. She opened it, and there was another teenager holding a babytchi. Nan: Hi Nurul! So glad you could make it! Let's put these babytchis in the play pen shall we? They can play together. Nurul: Ok! Lilah would love to make a new friend. She is quite sociable. They put us in a play pen. Lilah: Are you Eddy? Eddy: Yes. Lilah: Hello Eddy, did your parents leave too? Eddy: Yes, I cried. Lilah: Ahhhah. I didn't-I nearly did, but I didn't.Eddy: It's ok to cry. Lilah: But still, hehe! We played for half an hour. Lilah: Do you feel something, Eddy? Eddy: Yes....I think so...*evolves* Lilah:*evolves* I looked at myself in the mirror. Eddy: I'm a water droplet! Ehhh....I can....talk! Lilah: I feel funny...what am I? I looked at her. She looked funny. She was green with a quiff of purple hair. Eddy: You look weird for a girl. You.. Lilah: *looks at mirror* I look weird! I nodded. Lilah: I don't like this, i want to go home. Naan! *** Lilah and Nurul left. Nan said I had to see tham at preschool. Lilah seems alright for a girl. But I have a feeling I should be with more popular pretty girls. Lilah and I could stay friends. Can't wait till preschool... Eddy.
  3. Dear Diary, Tonight I'm gonna leave my poor Eddy! Danny had to put Edd in his old home. I walked one last time in babytchi woods with Eddy. And now I have left him. This is how it happened: At 12:00AM: The alarm woke me up. This is it. I'm going to leave Eddy to my Nan. I kissed him and said goodbye. The spaceship came in our back garden. Danny was waving at me to come out. I looked at Eddy. Rosie: I'm gonna miss you. Nanny's gonna take care of you now. I picked up my suitcases and went off to the back garden. I saw Zahra and Ches, Katie and Kyle and loads of other tamas I knew. I stepped inside. Danny: Oh Rosie, I'm gonna miss Edd and Eddy. Rosie: Me too... The spaceship took off, I looked at where Eddy was sleeping. The house seemed to get smaller and smaller. Untill I could see planet earth itself and then we travelled through a galaxy of diamond like stars.... Rosie x
  4. Dear Diary, Zarah is over here now. Danny's at work. Zarah's baby is a girl! I hope Eddy and her will get on well together, I have a feeling they will be together in the future. Rosie: Aww! Don't they look cute? Zarah: Ofcourse! Especially together! Rosie: Shall we take them for a walk? Zarah: Ok! We put them in a double buggy. We decided on going to babytchi woods. It was beautifull. Zarah: Wow! It's grown a lot since I saw it last. Rosie: I remember coming here when I was a babytchi! Eddy: Iguu!! Zarah: Aww! Sweet! Rosie: I think he needs milkys! (gets out bottle) Eddy: Drinkies! Drinkies! Rosie: Here you go! (feeds) Eddy: Geegoo! Zarah: I better go now. Thanks for the walk! Rosie: See you! Maybe when we go to tama town together. Zarah: Ok, sit by me on the spaceship tomorrow night! Rosie: Ok, bye Zarah and her baby leave. Eddy: Mummy! Rosie: Hi Eddy, we are going to grannys now! *** At mums: Rose-Jewel: Oh hello dear! Hello Eddy! I missed you so much! Rosie: You saw us at the wedding. Rose-Jewel: I don't care, I still missed you. Isn't Danny here aswell? Eddy: Na! Rosie: He's at work, he has to find a new job to at tama town near the place we are living at too. Rose-Jewel: You should all come here tomorrow for lunch! Hazel and her family are coming. Craig: I hope you like pizzas! I am great at making them. Rose-Jewel: Bragger! Rosie: Thanks for the tea mum and dad. We better go. Eddy is sleeping. Everyone looked at Eddy. He was snoozing, making little snuffling sounds. Craig: Hmm, OK, we will give you a call. See you tomorrow at lunch? Rosie: Yep. Bye mum, bye dad. Rose-Jewel: goodbye sweetie. Craig: Night. I walked home with Eddy. Danny was there. Danny: Hi darling, I was thinking of a romantic night together whilst Eddy and Edd's in bed. Rosie: Great! But first let's put them into the cots and read them a story. Danny: Sure. We took them upstairs and popped them into their cots and read them the story on the three little pigs. Danny: I'm so glad I married you and have a family with you. Rosie: Me too. I love you. Danny: (laughs) You havn't told me that since we were teens! Rosie:(laughs) Danny: I love you too. Them we kiss. It was from that moment o I knew it was going to be great to live with danny in tama town. Rosie x
  5. Dear Diary, I couldn't BELIEVE what had happened yesterday! I didn't tell Danny yet. Because I loved him. And it would hurt him and I didn't want him to go after him. I loved them both. I was getting married today tho! And having kids with him. I only kissed Jack once and I kissed, slept with and marrying Danny. What should I do? If I choose Danny, that would break Jack's heart, if I chose Jack that will break Danny's heart! One way or the other, I was going to hurt one of them. Danny was at his mates house, and Jack kept ringing, crying and begging at me to call off the wedding and go to him. I was crying too. I said that I loved Danny because I knew him longer, but Jack said that I knew him since we were babies because we did soap scenes from then. But then I said no and slammed down the phone. I called Zarah for help. Rosie: Zarah! You got to help me! I think I love someone else! Zarah: What? Rosie: You know I do soaps? I saw this magnificent mametchi and he is so sweet and gorgoaus. You should see him. Zarah: Talk to me about it when i get there. I'm coming over. Rosie: Thank you! You are a true best friend. I put down the phone and then someone else called. Rosie: Hello? Jack: Rosie! I know you have feelings for me too! Please, I love you. Don't leave me like this! (crying) Rosie: I am marrying Danny. Jack: Don't! I'm coming over! Oh no... Zarah came then Jack. Zarah: Don't marry him! He may be good looking but you only just know him! You love Danny, and he loves you! Jack: Come on Rosie! PLease?? The doorbell rang. Rosie: Hang on. It was Danny! Rosie: Danny?? Oh thank goodness you are here! Danny: What's my bro doing here? Rosie: Your brother? Jack: Danny? Danny: JACK!! Jack: Rosie, I love you! Danny: What? Rosie..please don't tell me this was a trick to hurt me.. Rosie: Of course not! He was in my soap then he started kissing me- Danny: What?? Jack! You are not going to the wedding! And stay away from my wife. I love her more than anyone else in the world. Including you. The doorbell rang again. Jack: Erm..I will get it. It was the matchmaker! Rosie: I think you have went to the wrong house. I'm getting married to Danny. Matchmaker: I am here to get Jack a wife actually. Jack: Me? Matchmaker: Yes. Here, this tama would be perfect for you. A memetchi came over. Matchmaker: This is Gabby, Gabby this is Jack. They all went off together. Rosie: Thank you for coming Zarah and Danny. Danny: (smiles) Come on, we have a wedding to get to. We had the most greatest wedding in AngelGotchi heavans. Rosie x
  6. Dear Diary, The wedding's in a day, and I am so fat and bloated with these babies! Hazel is looking after me. She is pregnant too and we are going baby shopping now. I have to do some acting again for this soap aswell. Hazel: Ok then, we have to get some milk and baby food, one more outfit, a cot, pram and some paint and furniture for thier rooms. Rosie: I am glad you are here with me sis, it's like when we pretended to have kids and played around. Only in real life! Hazel: Yeah, great isn't it? Rosie: Aww! Look at this cute cot! It's blue with teddy bears around it! And this blue bear is just great for Eddy and Edd. I will get two! (picks up lightweight cots and two blue bears) Hazel: Oh! And this pram! It has free blankets and stuff! Lets get these! (we grab one each) Rosie: Milk time then. We buy milk and babie food. Rosie: I have to go. Soap time. Hazel: Ok then. Come round my house to collect the stuff. Rosie: Thanks sis. It was a long bus drive to the Stage. I ate choc and food on the way for the babies sake. Director: Right then! Rosie, there is Jack, your boyfriend in the soap, remember, you're pregnant with his baby. I couldn't see Jack any where. Just then, the most good looking mametchi was there staring at me. I don't know why, but I think I fancied him! No no no! I CAN'T! I'm getting married tomorrow! And Jack was so nice and sweet looking, I couldn't take my eyes off him. Jack: Hi, are you my girlfriend? Rosie: I suppose. Jack: That's good. Because you look ever so pretty. (he blushed) I blushed too. Rosie: Thank you. Director: Ok then! Lights! Camera! Action! Jack: What are we going to tell your mother? Rosie: I don't know. And she's not my mother! She's someone who thinks she's her! Jack: I think she is your mother. You two both have the same eyes. Then there was a slam of a door. Rose-Petal: What on earth...? Rosie: What's the matter? Rose-Petal: My own daughter is pregnant! And you are not even married! Rosie: I'M NOT YOU'RE MOTHER!!! Jack: Look, it was a accident. Rose-Petal: I don't care! She's my daughter! Rosie: I said I am not your daughter. There is no way you can prove it even if I was! Rose-Petal: You are my daughter because that tama who looked after you when you were a baby was my evil twin sister who ran off with you! I have been looking for you ever since! We went on doing eposode after eposode untill it was the end of the series. Jack and I bonded more and more. Jack asked where I lived and said he would take me home. Rosie: Oh Jack! That would be lovely! Thank you! Jack: No problem. Anyone would ask a lovely pyonkotchi like you. He was staring at me as if he were inlove with me. We drove to my house. Rosie: When will I see you again? Jack: I wont be back here for days. Rosie: Oh...I have to leave too, I'm getting married tomorow. The sparkle went out of Jack eyes. Jack: Oh...but...I erm....think I like you... Rosie: You do? Jack: Yes...(head bent down. Looking at the ground) But then we stared at eachothers eyes. So beautifull.....then we KISSED! Rosie x
  7. Dear Diary, The prom was great! I evolved into a pyonkotchi just as i wanted. Danny changed into a debatchi!! At the prom: Danny: Hi Rosie! Rosie: Hi! Danny: Lets dance. We danced all night, talked, we were so happy. Danny asked me if i wanted him to walk me home. I said yes of course. Danny: You know...you made a great tama of me. Rosie: Aww thank you! Danny: I was wondering/...will you marry me? Rosie: YYES!!!! We kissed under the stars... Rosie x
  8. My V4 was great. She was normal, but then, I was so tired one night. I played with her in my bed, then i kind of dropped her in it. I rolled on top of her in the night. The screen went blank. And when I tried the reset button, pressed download, it showed my pyonkotchi 4 a sec then went on 2 low battery! it was fairlyy new too! Then when the screen was blank again, there was a buzzing noise! The buzzing noise squealed at one point. Then, when it stopped, i put in a new battery, pressed the reset button a dozen times, but nothing happened! Plzz help! Any other ideas? Its the best tama i had. I only hav a v3 now!
  9. Dear Diary, NEVER GUESS WHAT!! Danny kissed me! I rang up Zahra immedietly and told her what happened: Zahra: Hey Rosie! So how was tea with Danny? Rosie: Hi Zahra! It was ok, but kind of awkward...he kept on being quiet and he blushed so much! Luckily my nan was there to pep up the conversation! Zahra: *Laughs* Really? Rosie: Yeah! He was so nervous. I did most of the talking. Zahra: What did he say to you? Rosie: Oh, he was really sweet too. When my Nan went into the kitchen, he would tell me how pretty I look and how nice my ribbons were... Zahra: Aww! That's so sweet...! So...did he confess or anything? Rosie: Haa...I was about to get to that point Zahra: OOOH! Quick, tell me! Rosie: Ok...when my Nan said she'll be back soon, she said she needed to run an errand. So she left, and then Danny was like looking at his feet, and boy, was he red! Zahra: Then?? What happened? Rosie: Then, he got up. And he said he needed to go, since it was already 6.45pm... Zahra: And...? Rosie: He said that he really liked me, and then he kissed me on the cheek and ran out of the door!! Zahra: Omigawsh! REALLY? Rosie: Yeaaah!! Oooooh!!! Zahra: *Laughs* Lucky you! Rosie: *giggles* Kay...I have to put down the phone now. Cya tmr! Zahra: Kay...wait for me at Tamatown Train station, and we take a bus to school together, alright? Rosie: Yep, bye!! Zahra: Bye! The next day: Rosie: Eh, hi! Zahra: Have you been waiting long? Rosie: Nope, I just arrived. Let's go! Zahra: Okay. They board a bus which goes to their school. At the next stop, Danny boarded the bus. Zahra: Ooh...look. Somebody's boyfriend is here...! Rosie: Oh, hush! I'm not even sure if he like-likes me! Zahra: Well, duh lucky girl. He kissed you...! Rosie: Ohh, keep quiet will you? Zahra: Why don't you go talk to him? Rosie: Now? Zahra: Yeah. Rosie: Ok...wish me luck! Zahra: Good luck, Rosie. You can do it! I went up to Danny: Danny: (blushes) ...(trys to run) Rosie: (grabs his arm) Aww! Danny! Don't be embarrissed! It's OK! Danny: N-No it isn't! You're a T.V star and I'm just a boring old universal! Rosie: No you're not! Just think me as an unfamous ordinary girl. I'm a bully victim too. Then we can talk and stuff. Danny: Erm....OK. But I am telling you that you will find me boring! You can go off with Ches, he fancies you! Rosie: No he doesn't! And if he did, I wouldn't go near him. I will slober over you! (giggles) Danny: (blushes) Fine, we will talk. But you will find Ches better! Rosie: Oh my god! A soap star fancies you and when she wants to get something going, you turn them down! You are weird...Maybe I will go with Ches...even tho he fancies Zahra very clearly... Danny: DON'T!!! Fine, we will talk. Rosie:(smiles) Now we are talking! Danny: Do you watch the simpsons? Rosie: Yes! Everyone does! Danny:...Aww! I can't do this! Rosie: Yes you can! How about you ask me to the prom and THEN we will have something to talk about! Danny: OK...will you go to the prom with me? Rosie: Sure! Now I can buy that gorgious dress I saw! Danny: We are evolving tonight aren't we? Rosie: Yep! I will be a lovely pyonkotchi. Danny: You will see who I will be. Rosie:Hmm.. Danny: I have to go now bye!(kisses on the cheek) Rosie: Aww! That's soooo sweet! (kisses on the lips) Danny: Wa? Rosie: Don't talk. This is my way of proving to you that I wasn't joking. Anyway, I have to go now. I have a sleepover with my friends. Bye! Danny: Bye... That was very weird. He was a good kisser and why does he think I'm pretending?? I ran to the shopping centre where me and my friends were ment to meet. Rosie x
  10. Dear Diary, Nan walked me to school, I was kind of nervous. Nan: We are here now! Rosie: Hmm..What if I don't make friends? Nan: You will make some, I guaranty you. I have to go now. Have a goof day! Rosie: I hope so... I walked into the reception room. I tidied my bow. Oh no! There is too many tamas here! How can I be popular? Suprisingly, loads of people came up to me. Young Memetchi: Hi! Are you Rosie? The girl who went on TV a week or two ago? Rosie: Erm...Ye. Young Mimitchi: REALLY?? Can I have your autograph?? I forgot to say this, but a few days ago I was in a soap. It was a extra at first but then they said they were making me become the daughter that- its really complecated. Heres how it went: Director: Ok then! We have just discused that Rosie will be the missing daughter of Rose-Petal and then Rose-Petal will try to find her and save her from being kidnapped. Rosie: When is the script ready? Director: We are working on that. It should be in a week or so. Rose-Petal: Good! Director: We will send them to you. Then we practised for a month on it. It's quite hard being an actress. Especially when people are asking for autographs all the time. I stared at the girls. They looked like the cool and popular girls of school. I would love to be friends. Rosie:Sure! (gets out note pad) Young Memetchi: I will introduce us for you. I'm Kate, this is Tara, Zarah, Izzy, Fizz, Emily, Kerry, Erin, Pinky, Petal and Terry. Rosie: Hi there,(: Ok, I have 11 signatures. (gives them out) Zarah: Thanks! Will you be my friend? Kate: And mine! Izzy: And mine! Rosie: I will be all your friends. Just then, the headmaster appeared. Headmaster: Hello Students! I am Proffessor Turtle. I am your headmaster. Please sit down. We sat down and I was surrounded by my new friends and tons of other tamas smiling at me eagerly, obviously wanting to be friends. Proffessor Turtle: You will be given a sheet to complete. Put and x next to the subject and stuff you will like to learn. you may begin. We all looked at the sheets. I filled mine in: Name: Rosie Age: 1 Which part of the school are you studying? Please put a cross by the skill you will like to work on. Intellagence Fashion x Social Which classes will you like to take? Intellagence: Science Biology English Maths Geography Technology History Chemistry Physics Fashion: Modelling x Cooking x Textiles x D&T Singing x Acting x Dancing x French Art Social: Gardening Citizenship Games Art Firemen Story writing Chatting Comedian Socialize What will you want to be when you are older? (character) Please write below: Pyonkotchi __________________________ What job do you want when you are older? Please write below: Dancer __________________________ Please hand this in completed and come back at 6PM Please can parents sign here: Emzy _________________________ Please can you sign here: Xx Rosie xX (Rosie) _________________________ Zarah: Have you finished yet? Rosie: Ye. Zarah: Great! Want to get some choc from the vending machine? Rosie: Sure. We walked into the cafe and grabbed some choc which was 49p. I saw a sad looking obotchi. He was a male one and he was reading a book. There was a group of other male teens crowding him. Calling him names. Rosie: Why are they being so horrible to him? Zarah: He's a bully victim. Everyone hates him. Cuz he's a boffer and is always reading. Rosie: Do you hate him? Zarah: No! He's kind of cute. And nice. I hate those guys that bully him. Because he's a universal you see. Rosie: I'm a universal... Zarah: I know. You wont get bullied. And you wanted to be a universal to be a pyonkotchi. Rosie: Ye. What's that boys name? Zarah: The universal? It's Danny. Rosie: Danny.. Danny looked up. He blushed and hid behind the book. Danny: W-What do you want? Rosie: Don't be so harsh! I'm not a bully. Zarah: Kate's calling for us. Rosie: I will be over in a sec. Zarah goes. I sat by Danny. He blinked at me. Rosie: Hi Danny! I'm Rosie. I'm sorry they were being horrible to you. Do they usually do this? Danny: For six years. They always bully me. Rosie: Why? Danny: Because they say I'm a boffer...I always am nice to my parents and help them out. Rosie: That's stupid! I think you are very cute and kind. I kind of like you. =) Danny blushed redder.
  11. Dear Diary, I evolved into a obotchi! Even tho it's universal, I kind of like it. I have hair and a bow. And cute little ears. Nan adores me but said she was sorry that i evolved into a universal and it was because her dad made her search the whole house for his keys. She forgot to excersize me. Rosie: It's fine! I love to be a obotchi. Can I see the mimitchi and the universal adults? Nan: Ok. She showed me a picture of a mimitchi. She was very cute and bunny like. But I also envied the pyonkotchi. I loved the mimitchi, but there was something about the pink cat ears and the huge eyes and the smile of the pyonkotchi that made me love a pyonkotchi even more. Rosie: I will be a pyonkotchi. I will make myself fat then when I evolve, I will excersize and get tuns of points. we laughed. But then we heard the letter box open. In came a important letter. I opened it. It was a letter for school! Dear Rosie, You are now old enough to go to school. You can attend one from three parts of the school, the choices are: Intellangence, Fashion or Social. Please attend the Tama Elementry School tomorrow morning at 10AM. You will be given a sheet to complete and please come at the reception hall. Thank you, Yours sincerly, Professor Turtle. Nan: Hmm,I will take you there after I finish school. It's half a day today so you could be there ontime. Rosie: Thanks nan. Rosie x
  12. Dear Diary, I havn't told you what has happened over the past thew days. Im will start from the begining. Mum left me...And I woke up in a pink and red bedroom. Rosie: W-where am I? Nan: You're home sweetie. Rosie: Mummy!(cries) Nan: Your mum left and went to Tama Town to live. You changed in your sleep. You are a harutchi! You can change into a mimitchi! Rosie: What's a harutchi and mimitchi? Nan: A harutchi can change into the mame family and a mimitchi is something you can evolve into. She looks like a bunny. Rosie: Hmm... Nan: We need to go now. We are going somewhere as a family. Well, I am but you are part of my family too now. Rosie: Where we going? Nan: The childhood museam. I think you will like it because you are a child too. I could point out stuf I had when I was your age and even younger. Bring an umbrella, it's raining. She handed me a blue umbrella decorated with roses. Rosie: Who are you anyway? Nan: I'm your nan, I will take care of you from now. I didn't know if I liked her yet. I didn't know if she was strict or anything. But I decided to tag along with her. IN THE MUSEAM: We walked indoors. Rosie: Are we going to those shops after this? (notices 2 gift shops) Nan: If we have time. We walked indoors. We first saw what it was like to be a victorian child and work in factorie and such. I was scared that we were going to be like them. Rosie: Are you sure they stopped children doing dangerous jobs like this?? (looks and a picture of a boy about twelve years old pulling a cart full of coal up a narrow mine tunnel, and a girl pushing it. I squeezed Nan's hand.) Nan: Yes, it was banned. Shall we see the next bit? I nodded. The next bit was about the schools. We looked round the classroom. The tight benches had people sitting in them, trying to picture what it could of been like. Suddenly, a old woman dressed as a victorian teacher came in. Teacher: Hello. I'm going to teach you just as victorian kids were taught. Now then, all the boys on that side and all the girls on this side. (she looked at us) Ok girls, you need to sit down. The teacher would of normally got out the cane if it were those days! (get out a cane and shows everyone) I gulped and started crying. Nan: Oh dear! Don't cry! (hands hankie) She isn't going to hurt us. She comforted me and made me feel better. I clutched her hand as we sat down on the bench. Teacher: You have a blackboard and a scartch pen. They used to write with those. So for practise, scratch on it. It's kind of hard so you need to press down. I didn't have a board pen. But everyone had a struggle, even the adults. Nan wrote on it like it was a normal pen and hardly pressing down but she did make scratch marks. She told me she inherited her victorian grandmother's looks, but I think she got the skills from her too. The teacher just blabbed on about punishments and levels and lessons. Teacher: OK! WE are done now. Hoped you enjoyed it and you have to scratch it off with your rubber. (she showed us the chalk board rubber) Again you have to press down hard. Nan just simply wiped across the board and it disapeared. Everyone else rubbed it really hard and carried on for ages. We travelled around the museam and Nan showed me baby toys she used to have and books and then we bought some fudge from the giftshop. Then we went to a pub and had a drink and talked about TamaTown and characters we liked. I loved this day. When we got back, we had chinese takeaway and watched the lord of the rings. I soon felt tired and Nan tucked me to bed. Nan: Did you enjoy today? Rosie: I loved it! Can we go again? Nan: Maybe, one day. Goodnight (hugs) Rosie: Goodnight, Nan. I fell asleep as soon as she turned off the lights. Rosie x
  13. Dear Diary, IM PREGNANT!!!! And I'm giving birth after the wedding. It's at 10:29AM at anglegotchi heavans. Im putting on the dress right now. It's a beautifull creamy coloured one that has bits of peach and blue and pale pink on. It's gorgeus. Dress Fitter: Seeing as you're about to give birth, you had to go in a bigger dress than last time. On the whole, you look absouloutly stunning! Rose-Jewel: Thank you! =) Dress fitter: I think you're ready, you can go now. And pick it up incase it goes in a puddle. Rose-Jewel: Thanks again. I walk out and see my bridesmaids (Rose-Petal and Darsh) waiting inside the limmo. Rose-Petal: I can't wait till I get married. You look soo pretty! Darsh: Heres your flowers. They are only white lillies tho. Congratulations on getting married! Rose-Jewel: Thankyou, you two. We better hurry tho. We get inside the white limmo and we are dropped off at Angle Gotchi Heavans. I see Craig waiting there for me. Rose-Jewel: Here goes! I walk inside and go up to Craig who is looking at me as if I were a angle myself. Vicar: Do you, Craig, take Rose-Jewel to be your lawful wedded wife? Craig: I do! Vicar: And do you, Rose-Jewel, take Craig to be your lawful wedded husband? Rose-Jewel: =D I do! Vicar: Congratulations! You are now husband and wife! You may kiss the bride. Craig kisses me but then I felt a kick. Rose-Jewel: Oh my god! The babies coming! Everyone gasped, and before I knew it, I was rushed off to hospital. Nan was by my side. Delivery Tama: Ok now then, push! I pushed as hard as I could. Delivery Tama: Ok, push more. I can see it's head coming! Meanwhile, Nan was chanting girl the whole time I was giving birth. I pushed again. Delivery Tama: Ok! Almost done! Push one more time! I pushed and then I felt a baby come out. Rose-Jewel: Oh thank god! That was a lot of hard work-AHHH! Delivery Tama: You're having twins! Every tama does. Ok, push again. I pushed as hard as I could. Delivery Tama: Her heads coming out! Push more! HER head? I pushed again. Delivery Tama: One more time. I pushed and felt the baby come out. Delivery Tama: Congrtulations! You have twin girls! (gives one to Craig and one to me) You have the youngest Jewel! What will you name them? Craig: I think mine will be called Hazel. Sweetheart? Which name will you give to your twin? I looked at the baby. She had beautifull eyes. She stared right up at me. She had rosy cheeks. Rose-Jewel: Erm...I think I will name her Rosie. Delivery tama: Great! I am afraid you have to leave her here tho. In the hospital with your nan so she will take care of her. You can spend all the time here tho. You two have to stay in the hospital untill you have to leave. There are lots of lovely things to do here tho. How about you two take the twins on a stroll through our park? You have a double buggy. Rose-Jewel: Ok then. Come on sweeties. We take them on a stroll through the park. There were lots of foutains and flowers. Craig: Oh look Hazel! A little birdie! Aww! A squirrel! Rose-Jewel: Ah Rosie! There are some roses over there! Rosie: Rosie! Mummy! Rose-Jewel: Aww sweet! Oh! We have to go now! Craig: Lets go back inside then. We have to say goodbye to Rosie properly. We go back inside the hospital. Rosie snuggles up to me sucking her thumb.She starts sleeping. Tears fill up my eyes. Rose-Jewel: I will miss you Rosie! We give her one last hug then the nurses take her away to the cot room and we head of to our new home in tama town. Rose-Jewel x
  14. I just ment tht no other girls i no had it and its just been released in my country. Most ppl on this are american or sumthing so u probs had the shots years before.
  15. Lol, poor her. Mines supposed 2 be this saturday. I think. But mum says she needs 2 no more about the injection before.