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  1. I am so lame. I am driving out of the country, to New York, to see David Cook sing at a casino. Gah. D: I am also really lame because I scratched my new contacts. The first day I got them. We all do lame things, so let's share!
  2. Good luck.! (I hope he returns the text.) >.<
  3. Yeah! I live in Ontario too! If I lived in the states, it would take me eons to understand farinheight.
  4. I got Justin Bieber to write me an autograph for my friends birthday and he did! =D My friend cried. O.o She loves him.
  5. That reminds me... I should do the heaps of math I have now. Xp
  6. Oh yeah! Lol. I just saw that. XD How do you unlock Baby Daisy and Daisy? I really want them. O.O
  7. A part of Canada got ranked the 9th highest quality of life in the world. : D I love living in Canada because poeple here are so nice, and our land is beautiful. We have everything from endless wheat fields, to giant mountains. I don't know where else I'd like to live, truthfully.
  8. Yellow. It's just..ugh. It burns my retinas when people use it on TC.
  9. 1 degree. A family friend knows Justin Bieber.
  10. I love the Cirque series. @_@ It's an epic win.
  11. On Grand Prix mode of MK, It says I unlocked a Piranna Plant kart...I can't use it on Grand Prix mode, nor can I find it anywhere. How do you use carts you've won? O.O
  12. Geez. When does the stuffs in GracieGrace ever change? O.O