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  1. gen 1. and the white one with black buttons. that's the most exclusive and rare tamagotchi so far. and the gen 1 is what's called "CLASSIC" and "ORIGINAL"
  2. thank you all for replying, so I guess my information was wrong, you can actually have a new tama after the previous one dies. I just bought the Japanese P2 tamagotchi from ebay. now my other concern is: the package's never opened and the tamagotchi's never been played, do you think the batteries inside would have already corroded and ruined the whole thing?
  3. oh no no no, i didnt mean that, my English's bad so sometimes I really can't express my thoughts thoroughly.... what I've heard was that the original japan version of the tamagotchi's like if your tamagotchi died u will never be able to have a new tama again, is it true?
  4. I'm planning buying a P1 or P2 japanese tamagotchi on ebay, just wondering can you reset these two versions of tamagotchi? or it's like if you tamagotchi dies you can never play your tamagotchi again? And can you reset the American version of the p1 p2 tamagotchi? (even though I'm still planning on buying a japanese one) thanks
  5. obviously, the future of tamagotchi is to focus on developing video games for wii and nds and other future consoles.
  6. hahah, yep I went to the lougheed toys r us, and the trip took me almost half a day...... so there was cookie dough ,brilliant ruby, cotton candy, love my family and abstract blue. Just like u, none of the other designs actually satisfied me, and at last I saw the house one and bought it without thinking. Hoho~thank u so much maddy~u have fun v5 time too~ Ps: does anyone know how do I name my tamas? The system never asked me to do so
  7. i have to admit this cheat is actually helping me to have more interests in the v5 tamagotchi otherwise the gotchi points r so hard to earn, and itz kinda annoying after u've repeated pouring tea and stuff for 20 times
  8. i find v5 a little disappointing first, u dun get to have jobs then, u dun get to rename ur characters lastly, u actually dun get to contol all the characters, but only the one in the center.... anywayz, the price's the same as the v4.5, so itz not a complete money-waster
  9. im 16, and i still play tamagotchi so no worries
  10. unless u r a 7-year-old kid, normally u wouldn't cry just because a VIRTUAL pet died.
  11. yep, i've bought it~ it took me so long to find the v5.....but the shelf's actually just beside the entrance... i got the house design, awesome~
  12. cr2032 though Duracell labels it as dl2032 they r easy to find
  13. Yesterday I went to zellers and toys r us in Richmond, neither of them carry v5 I went to the walmart in north Vancouver today, and they didnt have a single tamagotchi there can anyone please tell me where I can get the v5 tama? I live in vancouver.