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  1. ecco the dolphin series And archibalds adventures on the iPhone
  2. Has anyone ever played ecco the dolphin or any games in the series? It sounds really bad ,a dolphin trying to save his pod but it is actually really good! I play it on the megadrive but all yous modern gamers can get a trial or a full version of it on the wii virtual console or xbox 360 live arcade
  3. I used to but all it is is walking around in cafes and your hotel room.It is full of perverts,somebody walked up to me and asked me my email address so she can send me naked pics of her.O.o Its weird that their are black people in suits blocking the pool because of a hack and saying the pool is closed due to AIDS,and sometimes they say I hope your children will have mental illness or something like that.Dont report me for this but they always say "niggers rule" and crap like that.
  4. Bubble bobble is my favourite game of all time. I am actually very lucky to even know what bubble bobble is,let alone play it and complete it,because I didn't grow up in the 80s. I don't play it on an emulator but I play it on my sega game gear console and its not a remake or anything its the original. So,do any of you like it,or even know it?
  5. Sonic Heroes is well good!Anyway if you don't like sonic why have you got an avatar which is from the adventures of sonic the hedgehog cartoon?
  6. I have played a ds and a wii and I don't like it at all,in fact I don't care for any modern consoles.And Mothra,what games have you got for your game gear?I have Sonic Chaos,Sonic Triple Trouble,Space Harrier,Mickey Mouse land of illusion,Terminator,columns ,Sonic the hedgehog,sonic the hedgehog 2 and aryton sennas super Monaco gp.(I didn't get all those games,they just came with the game gear I got off ebay.)
  7. I have one.Its an old handheld games console made by sega when they were making games consoles.I don't care for all the wii and ds crap.I like retro games.have you got one?
  8. Over the Hedge Video game.Its soooo repetitive!And also The terminator for the sega game gear.
  9. Does anybody like sonic heroes?Its my favourite game in the world!I have the pc version.the camera really lets the game down though.My favourite level on team sonic is power the way does anybody know how to beat egg emperor?
  10. No offense sky crystal but I think you should get back to reality,and I mean that you should pause and tamagotchis are not real at all so I don't know why you feel bad about pausing.I may have sounded harsh but they're not real are they?
  11. EXACTLY!I got into the habit of pausing and now I never play with my tamas but I will try to play with them now!
  12. I played the demo on PC.But Sonic Heroes is much better.
  13. I got a pyonkotchi on my V3 from my obotchi and funnily enough I let it be ill 3 times,kept the hearts at 2 to 3 at a time abd let it slip down to 0 hearts a few times.Later my pyonkotchi died because of my bad care.